Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7969 of 01-03-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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1 The spirit of Arabs in their cups (8)
5 What top detective did, having gone off? (6)
9 A fan tours Spain with a cosmetic (4,4)
10 Sci-fi author returns travel permit doctor sent in (6)
12 Remove lid from waste pipe and jug (4)
13 Collected farm animals, given support (10)
15 Busy river parasites present, about one hundred (6,7)
19 Prince Albert or Tom? (6,7)
23 Able to walk, engineer may tour lab (10)
25 Penalty for leaders of awfully serious bullying offence? (4)
28 Complete one part of play about property owners (6)
29 Don on TV, say, has a way to fill green ground (8)
30 New motorway involved in test as usual (6)
31 Bank perhaps surrounds a very aromatic plant (8)

1 Floored area of Hampton Court appears in poster (6)
2 Member of rock group not brought up in Home Counties (5)
3 Church body’s bible in Tyneside? (4)
4 Turn up quote about Henry the dissenter (7)
6 Old storyteller’s revolutionary main work (5)
7 Fellow house member allowed to be engaged in crime? (9)
8 A device for measuring partitions (8)
11 Parrot that follows delta (4)
14 Feel pain at regular intervals displaying vigour (4)
15 Brew best perry for church elder (9)
16 Moviegoer’s sense of self-importance (3)
17 Grub primarily found on old damson (4)
18 Maths problem, complex question, one for son (8)
20 Lovable Danish king abandons heart of France (4)
21 Northern Ireland artist keeps vehicle in ideal state (7)
22 Dread hard men twice seizing Republican (6)
24 Fabric deftly crafted at the centre (5)
26 Church body beset by controversy, no doubt (5)
27 Being out of work, I had left without newspaper (4)
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Created at 14.30 hrs IST on 01-03-2021 from Bangalore

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