Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7968 of 02-03-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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6 U.S. mother's accepting fancy chamois rug for thugs (5,9)
9 He may perform 13 in soft bed (6)
10 Time study in head office role, mostly ring gutless guy (8)
11 Boy swallows fly, a little bit... (8)
13 And he's attending a musical piece... (6)
15 ... Barney composed not far away (6)
17 Several species but not all common (6)
19 Queen's in Turkey getting old coin (6)
20 He works in Government, I'm in big church (8)
22 Six hundred to broadcast around station (8)
24 Unmentionables fade in sun abroad (6)
26 Version of nitrate mixed with protein (14)

1 Writer's men trained with potential in performance (14)
2 Unprepossessing guy arranged to host student (4)
3 Mark on church hard to find (6)
4 Old Jew's harp out of tune, I notice (8)
5 Thin metal used for fencing (4)
7 Release a French worker (6)
8 Bash him and get even, maybe for unlucky failures (5-4-5)
12 Runs during early morning looking tired (5)
14 Requisites observed on the rise including dollars (5)
16 Chart showing columns have space round Royal Hotel (3-5)
18 Transfix one house member with drink (6)
21 Confection not containing unlimited sugar (6)
23 Secures newpaper that's lost millions (4)
25 Epitaph sustains dead boring person (4)
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Created at 18.00 hrs IST on 02-03-2021 from Bangalore

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