Cryptic Crossword - Economic Times Bangalore (7949 of 04-02-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Roughly prepares stones (7)
5 European carried back to get dressed formally (6)
9 Clive and he arranged transport (7)
10 A glass of XXX? (7)
11 Managed U.S. farm without central heating (3)
12 Old study torn to bits during study of earth (11)
13 Saint’s safe (5)
14 Surveys going over limits must ignore IT trainers (9)
16 Model stays with them to obtain gemstones (9)
17 Great birdie, or better score at St Andrews (5)
19 House member Ben stops illegal check in pub (11)
22 Secure game (3)
23 Tube or duct in ground with nothing in it (7)
24 Top woman in Russia once seen in Amritsar in August (7) 26 Handy American fuel tanks (6)
26 Handy American fuel tanks (6)
27 Quiet, strangely eerie around midnight when moon’s closest (7)

1 Concealment very nearly interrupts putsch (5-2)
2 Secret location for stage manager? (6-3-6)
3 Leading aircraftman’s shiny material (3)
4 Yard seizes Eastern weapon of old (5)
5 Inca seats evolved into Latin American ranches (9)
6 It may charge money (5)
7 In-flight blog not edited in a flash (4,2,9)
8 Steer right round English flowers (6)
12 Measurement of waist could be right (5)
14 Mail old South African province after Labour’s result (9)
15 Absolutely fine (5)
16 Music group vacated cosy office in monastery (6)
18 Put up valet working in suburbs of Eastbourne (7)
20 Fanatic’s taken over large bank? That’s a bit steep! (5)
21 Angry male equivalent of ‘she-ewe’? (3,2)
25 Broadcast a diary at regular intervals (3)
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Created at 14.00 hrs IST on 04-02-2021 from Bangalore

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