Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7922 of 05-01-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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6 A granny's got good soil at Morecambe for Mayflower stock? (5-9)
9 3 short quiet farmers do it after harvesting (6)
10 Notice peer wandering around church at 4 (8)
11 Heartlessly persevere in order to stop the rot? (8)
13 Somewhere to dine, seated, no frills, by railway (6)
15 New test includes maths initially? It’s not unusual (6)
17 NT figure in this country lets out houses (2,4)
19 Wheat’s spread in narrow strip (6)
20 Las Vegas worker with worse breathing problems? (8)
22 Tiny matter breaks routine after noon (8)
24 Drink up inside dome (6)
26 He makes large nips and tucks with love for thousands (7,7)

1 Revolver in November there when Alice got hurt (9,5)
2 Eye up disheartened girl in middle of co-ed (4)
3 Married different parent (6)
4 Almost interrupt criminal, like someone who 2s? (8)
5 Spots rise in chosen career (4)
7 e.g. Miss Piggy met up comically with Prince (6)
8 Order to undesirable pilots approaching Shangri-la? (5-5,4)
12 Member resisting pressure in failing trust (5)
14 He escapes bad mood in bash (5)
16 Is it exceeded when I breach time lag perhaps? (3,5)
18 Whale leapt over ship from one side to the other (6)
21 Old farm vehicle goes 0-to-90 with skill (6)
23 Try big match (4)
25 Parsley is mixed without sisal to make animal food (4)
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Created at 11.30 hrs IST on 05-01-2021 from Bangalore

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