Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7949 of 05-02-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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1 A sinful pride represented as unconscious error (8,4)
8 A Republican brings up outstanding debt (7)
9 Cold beer drunk in centre of Riga, cooled by bits of this? (7)
11 OK giving Bible lessons to a boy with talent? (10)
12 Chum holds one container (4)
14 Second person turns over in bay rounding North Cape? This keeps him afloat (8)
16 Service provided for compact range (6)
17 Owns hearse on odd occasions (3)
19 Birdie — or one better at first in Turnberry (6)
21 Relatives post back small consideration (8)
24 RC monk perhaps tours old ruin (4)
25 One of many used by juggler in Mumbai nightspot? (6,4)
27 Amid greetings, taxi returns cooking apparatus (7)
28 Managed at least 12 balls, taking a wicket (7)
29 Still, there’s always the same or more about article (12)

1 Wells’ partner brings in artist, creating hotchpotch (7)
2 Woman went on about ring that’s disappeared (10)
3 Put an end to policeman’s beat (8)
4 Horrid lady scoffs six with enthusiasm (6)
5 Observe Germany’s fancied player (4)
6 Features of Poles in charge of back room (7)
7 Sick bird with heat rash, a tiny amount (5-7)
10 Carp here where there’s no privacy (8,4)
13 Big pot — drink one in eatery with European (10)
15 Steer American avoiding north (3)
18 Synthetic material is lifted and left on ice outside (8)
20 Outstanding extra, perhaps the last word (7)
22 Recruits listen after being trained by sergeant primarily (7)
23 Apply oil, not in a purée (6)
26 Spots what’s over in kitchen cabinet (4)
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