Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7950 of 06-02-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Prepare to fight cases involving Waterloo, say (6,8)
9 The Spanish complain about being powerless (6)
10 Reproduce heart of forest area in Greek island (8)
11 Planes produce these, having landed in middle of Russia (8)
13 Station director to use all bar first of mikes (6)
15 Remove leading batsman (6)
17 Some shrug and admit it’s somewhere in Africa (6)
19 Riding endlessly on island, it covers main bits only (6)
20 Perhaps siren call distracted king in play (3,5)
22 Former PM is next to Arab over in food shop (8)
24 Tiny rocks covering church’s fine detail (6)
26 Linnets getting nasty itch after touching this? (8,6)

1 Is he vain, with talcum sprinkled everywhere? (4,10)
2 First of torpedoes splits boat — it’s the end (4)
3 Illicit spirit bottle regularly hidden by writer (6)
4 Monitor timer on track (8)
5 Kid’s strength reported (4)
7 Put pressure on second lock (6)
8 Many stand for this citizen soldier on border (8,6)
12 Clever Dick inspires Italian barman? (5)
14 Like the fine one gets parking on northbound section of carriageway? (5)
16 Dressing not recorded among colonials, ignoring the odds (5,3)
18 Intrepid pet, not large (6)
21 Hang around lake in Germany? Lots leave (6)
23 Old character initially rejects a female in Paris (4)
25 Musical acts appear in different order (4)
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