Cryptic Crossword - Economic Times Bangalore (7924 of 07-01-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Sort of power uncle wielded against a king (7)
5 Plague and cold virus near borders of vicinity (6)
9 Scotsman slices tobacco when he’s not working? (7)
10 Is this old Austin legal or illegal? (7)
11 Leaders in one unsuccessful test dismissed (3)
12 After church, ten or more dismantled timepiece (11)
13 Mark worried about a Buddhist’s destiny (5)
14 Abbey lost trained groom (9)
16 Notices rocks, nearly all in pieces (9)
17 Old official contributes to Yorkshire event (5)
19 I blame Moira for smashing objects collected by devotees (11)
22 Discharge a member of church (3)
23 Spies seize traitor touring old country (7)
24 Unpleasant character, one whose name I’ve forgotten (2-3-2)
26 Mike’s into fizzy stout — the greatest (6)
27 Improve English Channel, almost all of it polluted (7)

1 Northeast Labour inspires Yankee and his metropolis (3,4)
2 Cute former actor cooked good food for one (8,7)
3 17 avoids dealing with woman (3)
4 Jockey added clause to contract (5)
5 Man briefly in post rings for protection once (5,4)
6 Mali’s widespread religion (5)
7 Gang at belvedere devised plots here (9,6)
8 Cast initially yearn to claim Oscar at regular intervals (6)
12 Pelt one mammal resembling a raccoon (5)
14 Hospital labs ruined in suburbs of Detroit resurface (9)
15 Volcanic rock smothers rare young insect (5)
16 Swindle American climbing trees (6)
18 Ring in two conclusions daughter’s forgotten (7)
20 Old sailor’s given up absorbing international relationship (5)
21 NW city ignores car yarn (5)
25 A small hotel remains (3)
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