Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7952 of 09-02-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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6 He thinks man's best one for female in new Munich Festival (4,10)
9 Playful slap by parent - it''s in her blood' (6)
10 A firm is cut drastically from what I hear (8)
11 He consumes all old French wine over in Rome, drunk (8)
13 Criticise rubbish dumping after the 1st (6)
15 The sort of match that has a point (6)
17 Allocate idiot home to accommodate German (6)
19 Scruffy newpaper quotation (6)
20 Son's in geuine trouble, but doesn't notice (8)
22 Bridges give French nobleman amazing vista outside (8)
24 20 people don't have it for all to see in a big town (6)
26 Sick after pumped-up doctor's smashing machine (8,6)

1 Carrying out tool into a compound (14)
2 Gain advantage by bringing up most of sulphur (4)
3 Old firm welcomes tax return for old book (6)
4 Cockpit computers etc work via icons (8)
5 Poles support popular lawyers'accommodation (4)
7 Knock up a kilogram in a new plastic (6)
8 Agree about adding colour to nuclear plant (8,6)
12 Clueless writer held up by it (5)
14 Lions and what they feel after victory (5)
16 A person who needs a good argument at work (8)
18 Fine cloth mostly covers English breakfast (6)
21 Mum and you starting to make drink (6)
23 It may contain oil or Dutch spirit (4)
25 Leading pairs of untrained Italians made one (4)
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