Cryptic Crossword - Economic Times Bangalore (7954 of 11-02-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Female calls round eastern borders (7)
5 Infrequent fights with Spain (6)
9 Code in Parisian vault (7)
10 Old ass knocked over Herb (7)
11 It’s meant to take the heat off admirer (3)
12 Fortuitous wreck found and remade (9,2)
13 The French come again about constant parasite (5)
14 A small number set up over here at that point (9)
16 Conservative old fellows prepare to do battle (6,3)
17 Disapproving sounds heard for drink (5)
19 Engineer needing a fir with a delicate texture (4-7)
22 Source of, say, grouse originally (3)
23 Was son left outside? (7)
24 Job for observer to struggle with in Greece primarily? (7)
26 Result devastated Irish province (6)
27 Sophisticated punishment received by left-winger (7)

1 Distressed father left wandering round university (7)
2 Toscanini ordered to host new queen by lake, fiddling (15)
3 Tease bloke (3)
4 Stuffed seat burst, dumped finally (5)
5 Unable to pick up anything, feasted on ground (5-4)
6 A ray opposite centre of boat (5)
7 A good one has you falling about, ironically (5-2,8)
8 Scientist’s unpleasant smells upset one (6)
12 Guide well, less good at the start (5)
14 It’s written for couple who daren’t split up (3-6)
15 Bass hidden in European sea plant (5)
16 Take action against Republican owning very loud bear (6)
18 Employed Old English at the start (7)
20 Leave rubbish, it’s suggested (3,2)
21 Under no circumstances prevent contents to be lifted (5)
25 Small creature nearly ran away, heading north (3)
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Created at 20.00 hrs IST on 11-02-2021 from Chennai

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