Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7928 of 12-01-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Late charge? (11,3)
9 Snare returning spouse almost (6)
10 It’s enough these days to correspond (8)
11 Weird coteries understood by a select few (8)
13 Arrest suspect — he was a writer in France (6)
15 Determine extent of stormy seas engulfing ship (6)
17 Help to stop young animal getting settled (4,2)
19 Like seabird behind boat (6)
20 Cultivated idolatry with skill (8)
22 Tenor marries over in Belgium — are they in bridal suite? (4,4)
24 Violet and Herb make appearance in poetry (6)
26 Doctors treating ‘eggy’ locations first in surgery (14)

1 Soldier ants create route to NI tourist trap (6,8)
2 God who wielded some authority? (4)
3 It’s right to support the monarch (6)
4 Where to find flounders, each netted here (8)
5 Eating options for unemployed beginners turning up (4)
7 What’s on the roof of the church over there? (6)
8 He studies man and a new 2 complex sweet substance (14)
12 Sample seen initially in gallery (5)
14 Arm reinforcements to divert raid on island (5)
16 Judge’s delivery shows awareness but no heart (8)
18 It depends on some furniture at start of the new sales (6)
21 Artist gave away wreck (6)
23 Bread motorists consumed in middle of dinner (4)
25 Son has formed band (4)
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