Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7931 of 15-01-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Unusual fare on more absurd sailing ship (4-3-5)
8 If a part’s out of order, it’s taken in last (7)
9 Canadian animal business, top-class, recruits a member (7)
11 European comfortable with roots in living communities (10)
12 Big swimmer seen at the back of the biggest Balearics (4)
14 Prepare stock, including western shrubs (8)
16 Prepare to go in to annoy fielder (3-3)
17 Make last thousand in heart of Greece (3)
19 Comedians were to receive a response (6)
21 Does everyone get this signal when emergency’s over? (3,5)
24 Extravagantly colourful Sky feature doesn’t start (4)
25 City in Alabama’s various autos and colas (10)
27 Get off at Waterloo perhaps, having run into delay (7)
28 I intend to overcome learners’ antagonism (3,4)
29 Accident at the top of one flight or at the end of another one? (5,7)

1 A sporting distance flung or thrown (7)
2 Cash on Monday distributed extremely easily (5,5)
3 Position of small bird in a duet, dancing (8)
4 Almost floor a politician and flee (6)
5 Flowerless plant found everywhere round north primarily (4)
6 Ban English doctor on old ship (7)
7 Harassed dealer gasped as suspect is searched? (6-6)
10 Not in a position to obtain a fine car – it’s beyond my means (12)
13 Relish London street after a couple of characters change (10)
15 West Indian music from Saskatchewan (3)
18 The Spanish notice corrupt poll (8)
20 Nature’s extraordinary – take a stroll (7)
22 God takes part in some work, doing what weather does (7)
23 Flue designed around centre of liner, new? (6)
26 Miss most of ‘Rope’ (4)
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