Cryptic Crossword - Economic Times Bangalore (7960 of 18-02-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Division distributing notices (7)
5 Vicar used to confine ambitious high-flier (6)
9 Asian country’s six million surround volcano (7)
10 Seasoned performer on radio who swears a lot? (7)
11 Clear goal (3)
12 Dial masseur: ‘No gyms been sorted out’ (11)
13 Raised section of flat road forming main artery (5)
14 Maybe Peter’s rank isn’t stopping small gangster (9)
16 Lump blocks idiotic crony’s scientific apparatus (9)
17 Invalidate notes collected by a university lecturer (5)
19 Miners have a go at securing place for driver’s ID (11)
22 What people do at regular intervals in repast (3)
23 Ring this writer for sound unit (7)
24 Awkwardly move left in slope (7)
26 Don’t go to bed — have a little drink across river (4,2)
27 Woman goes in to test place for skin treatment (7)

1 Plain Salvation Army girl entertains Victor (7)
2 Dine in correct forum after refreshment — it’s relaxing (8,7)
3 Bar trendy name (3)
4 New industry may benefit you initially? I object to it (5)
5 Instinctive feeling one’s beginning to need teaching ... (9)
6 ... beside a journal about Newton (5)
7 Not fit to take in part of speech at church? It’s hard to say (15)
8 What radiographer did by day following New Year (1-5)
12 Possibly an upright secretary accepts one refusal (5)
14 Dump perhaps a novel about Cuba (9)
15 Find row of houses abandoned by sovereign (5)
16 Nibble one among pecan nuts (6)
18 Service computer systems during unspecified illness (7)
20 Sad lines, say, written in cathedral city (5)
21 A Glaswegian races here (5)
25 Ignoring odd features of Darwin’s beard (3)
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