Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7934 of 19-01-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Source of courses? It's in there twice briefly (4,10)
9 Slippery slope: maybe risk one in France (3-3)
10 Miserable way to return quote (8)
11 Brought up old coin in river on way back (8)
13 Architect Jones defended source of dark colour (6)
15 Busy firm turned over trophy at start of year (6)
17 Trainee priest made a considerable contribution (6)
19 Sportsman in soft bed (6)
20 Rabble and fellow servicemen interrupt jazz piece (4-4)
22 Jan acted strangely not far away (8)
24 Within a month Leo trained cat (6)
26 Maybe I’d join best corp. if this is attractive (3,11)

1 Cocoa looked odd, weird, as wake-up call (4-1-6-3)
2 Live with a king and suffer (4)
3 Joke clear or will it receive raspberries? (6)
4 Get on horse for top gallop? (8)
5 Man, say, would be misled when boss comes round (4)
7 Block independent member and former PM (not North) (6)
8 Moving back and forth, grinning at food perhaps (5,3,6)
12 Bumptious Catholic in County Kerry free of sin (5)
14 Last month’s yellow wallpaper etc. (5)
16 Cantankerous salesman’s taken up poetry (8)
18 Author’s more drily humorous about first of tales (6)
21 Limp fellow with unsightly polyp (6)
23 Miss not having heartless man around as assistant (4)
25 Mephistopheles heading off to reveal his work? (4)
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Created at 12.00 hrs IST on 19-01-2021 from Bangalore

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