Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7961 of 19-02-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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1 If the middle of nowhere is H, what is D? (4,2,6)
8 Free a Parisian husband with ache (7)
9 Enthusiastically fancy bananas (4,3)
11 Prince recruits a police officer and cleaners (10)
12 In the past, 100 occupied unit (4)
14 Doctor Morgan designed his own logo (8)
16 Put pressure on sewer with no seam (6)
17 Reversed reader’s approval (3)
19 Writer’s British, in charge of some verse (6)
21 Short lad, Border Scot, unconventional artist perhaps (8)
24 Rent shop with no front (4)
25 Disparaging Bachelor of Letters eating English fish (10)
27 In Arundel it is typically snobbish (7)
28 What keeps plane flying, one in new RAF base (7)
29 Victor studies novel about India’s changes in fortunes (12)

1 Clever guy impresses a hospital somewhere in the Gulf (7)
2 Farm barrier and police guard old PM briefly and his king (6,4)
3 Snake concealed in battered piano (8)
4 Risk carrying university lecturers round (6)
5 It’s fine to separate the old couple (4)
6 One arranged to entertain pit candidate (7)
7 Meeting group must become trained to control IT (12)
10 County hosts various singers with grand evening wear (8,4)
13 Secret revolutionary socialist wins time for urban acceptability (6,4)
15 Members of brotherhood principally? (3)
18 Leading party worker keeps in touch initially (8)
20 Sort of swallow one cocktail (7)
22 Current groups ignore rare signs that winter’s arrived (7)
23 Ties up beds on board (6)
26 Bird killed instantly with impunity at first (4)
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Created at 19.00 hrs IST on 19-02-2021 from Chennai

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