Cryptic Crossword - Economic Times Bangalore (7936 of 21-01-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Stopped feeling tense (5,2)
5 Can’t stand spinner catching ball (6)
9 German city church’s intrinsic quality (7)
10 Thrive with or without sons (7)
11 Avoid heading off to sleep (3)
12 Firm to send fuel out of Spain and some medicine (3-5,3)
13 Writer’s following doctor’s avenue (5)
14 In Libya it collapsed, revealing impotence (9)
16 Cockney hat’s as good as you get (3,3,3)
17 Royal returns for drink (5)
19 Greek carried in innocuous bombs? That’s strange (11)
22 A small quiet potential killer (3)
23 Europeans keep books (English books) somewhere in Uganda (7)
24 Label article found in eastern mine (7)
26 It’s good to eat and stay over with the French (6)
27 A very short communist claimed to be true (7)

1 Drunk wife reckoned on having to leave (7) INPUT TYPE="button" Value="SOLUTION" onClick="alert(' \r\n W-RECKED \r\n ')")>
2 Duties can vary with this inspiring work, that’s plain (15)
3 Racket made by daughter at home (3)
4 Earnestly request soft metal (5)
5 It helps smooth running club train in other places (9)
6 Sailor almost finished at the top (5)
7 Past expert or a high priest abroad hosting soldiers (15)
8 Mike goes in to dispose of last of celery that’s rank (6)
12 Is it recited as part of sacred orders? (5)
14 Obstruct Italian team taking free kicks (9)
15 Passages don’t begin in the Hebrides, for instance (5)
16 Waste disposal unit for rent? One’s brought in (6)
18 Position in waterside plant considered (7)
20 Arrest old bishop, a very wealthy person (5)
21 Love theatre mounting a musical work (5)
25 Decorate international church (3)
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