Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7938 of 23-01-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Result of make-over of artist Norman is awful (14)
9 Suddenly drop, taking breather in gym (6)
10 Want to remain outside, like angler in stream? (4-4)
11 One’s present at place for drivers, about to finish (8)
13 Influence this writer’s agreement (6)
15 Penitent four regularly break new rule (6)
17 College composition covers rare entire works (6)
19 Conservative PM once cut meat and milk suppliers (6)
20 Identical seeds oddly left to be planted inside (8)
22 Special 9p coin no longer in circulation (8)
24 Georgia and China’s better habit? (6)
26 Carrying out tool into a compound (14)

1 Bentham’s idea: no-frills futility and heresy (14)
2 Arrogant newspaper in forefront (4)
3 Move up notice restricting most of view (6)
4 Current MEP got worried — one’s put in complaint (8)
5 Stable boss (4)
7 Foolishly New York omits western islands (6)
8 Throw endless explosive into hole to start this excavation? (8,6)
12 Employ specialist without power (5)
14 Stars obtain English instruments in Edinburgh, say (5)
16 Online ID menus are out of sequence (8)
18 Plant first of novices towards the back (6)
21 Record and preserve situation at bottleneck? (6)
23 Religious student left tablet (4)
25 Char nuts I brought in (4)
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