Cryptic Crossword - Economic Times Bangalore (7966 of 25-02-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Well-bred bloke takes shelter over (7)
5 State cut back a northern department (6)
9 Force books to appear in Irish due to change (7)
10 Like Berlin not long ago, or Valence after Reformation (7)
11 Normal role is reduced (3)
12 About ten monkeys with gas wrecked breathing aids (6,5)
13 Lie around, taking in constant brilliant display (5)
14 Hot dog prepared with gin — it’s the last word (9)
16 Vehicle overturns with terrible racket here? (9)
17 Bag contract (5)
19 Cook badly overdue masterpiece (4-7)
22 Dutch sailor’s fish (3)
23 Construction kit can come unpacked (7)
24 Famous controversial artist at top hospital department (7)
26 Shake off regularly seasick primate (6)
27 Parliament awfully keen to secure ship, first of two (7)

1 Spot good story involving politicians (7)
2 Analyse Nile crustaceans? Study these first perhaps (7,8)
3 Oz runner married in Brussels (3)
4 Dance about with Yankee, looking suspicious (5)
5 Basis of rewarding what UN does, according to reports (9)
6 Sub edited all but last of column (5)
7 NHS resident taking ages to resolve eye problem (4-11)
8 In Paris, I try looking up A-listers (3,3)
12 Group pops up in concert etc occasionally (5)
14 Musical embellishment: eg a C tenor rendered (5,4)
15 Hotel occupies attractive location for bust maybe (5)
16 Stock extremely mature flower arrangement (6)
18 Plant’s natural home somewhat restricted by cover (7)
20 Father hoards stuff for play (5)
21 Treat this garment atrociously in track event (1-4)
25 That is about clubs and diamonds (3)
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Created at 13.00 hrs IST on 25-02-2021 from Bangalore

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