Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7968 of 27-02-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Nearly stop a nasty scene involving bishop’s time off (5,2,7)
9 Norway lobsters affected in South Island (6)
10 Space rock requires a booster (8)
11 A couple tour place, getting cut off (8)
13 Don’t delay swapping parts for maintenance (6)
15 Misguided epicure’s non-U requirements for dish (6)
17 Bar journey in Home Counties (6)
19 Pulse worried intellectual? Not half! (6)
20 Enable pi to be worked out but not refined (8)
22 Don’t forget about subscriber (8)
24 Mince meat with chopped egg? Yes, egg possibly (6)
26 See pork course prepared about right, using this? (8,6)

1 Illegal trader flogs mackerel at kerb (5,9)
2 Friendly women’s means of defence (4)
3 Retain various images registered here (6)
4 Block old black lorry briefly entering street (8)
5 Taunt well off dealer in gems (4)
7 US agent defends regulation that’s defective (6)
8 Flimsy light transforms entire channels (7,7)
12 One Parisian labour organisation turns rough (5)
14 Cutter provided in heart of Orkneys (5)
16 Top Cambridge sportsperson’s post with Tory? (4-4)
18 It’s hard to find article in foreign press (6)
21 For example, award put up for drink (6)
23 Rest while visiting middle of Greece (4)
25 Kipling’s work upset English chap (4)
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