Cryptic Crossword - Economic Times Bangalore (7942 of 28-01-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Julie managed to engage bishop (English) for celebration (7)
5 This is missing in adult wage, generating no interest (6)
9 It secures lock for sharp bend (7)
10 Rubbish bin originally kept in car port (7)
11 Occasionally show daughter’s piece of ground (3)
12 Lotte’s bothered with waiter’s aftershave perhaps (6,5)
13 Pet goat (5)
14 Avoid line in publisher’s catalogue (9)
16 One scans a novel, finding a feature of poetry (9)
17 Where film actors are ready for a start (5)
19 Explore core to inner complex (11)
22 Young woman brought back unfinished dress (3)
23 Animals travelled by boat here, according to reports (3,4)
24 How the opposition votes to win in a way (7)
26 Possibly my clue for ‘London theatre’ (6)
27 From the Orient Express originally, near the back (7)

1 WC’s working for PM (7)
2 Lender’s overall political objective? (8,7)
3 Upended chum’s place for pet? (3)
4 Listlessness somehow continues without cost (5)
5 Combined ingredient of concrete (9)
6 Republican in a quarrel creates a different one (5)
7 Take this out to cure anorexic? Sure can when ordered (6,9)
8 Mustelid’s paws seize rabbit’s head, twice (6)
12 Clothes buyers do this initially testing fabric (not article) (3,2)
14 Agent with spirit absorbs shot? Beat that! (5,4)
15 Not much money about in Bergen or Kristiansand (5)
16 Dawn French at posh Royal Academy entertains soldiers (6)
18 Strengthen old god, by the sound of it (7)
20 Relative ease at first in Med resort (5)
21 Guy’s incomplete cups and saucers? (5)
25 Like second equine (3)
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Created at 12.00 hrs IST on 28-01-2021 from Bangalore

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