Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7944 of 30-01-2021) - Fillable and with solution

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6 One source of learning spoils previous ninety (4,10)
9 Foolishly, we let five in and a dozen appear! (6)
10 Key place for drink on Apollo mission? (5,3)
11 Suddenly put the brakes on old Police Department instead (4,4)
13 Kindle’s visible, so people tell me (6)
15 American ship enters inlet here? That’s unlikely (6)
17 Bundle of energy ruins Monday (6)
19 African primate welcomes a Murphy (6)
20 Soap perhaps is inclined to bore church rector (8)
22 Eg Lions go head-tohead in very crisp playing style (8)
24 Force state almost to surrender (6)
26 Doctor perfects lotion for personal security (4-10)

1 What better tool at sea to make heater? (3-5,6)
2 Swimmer left after drink (4)
3 Fuel regularly seen in Scottish 5 (6)
4 It’s the truth, even without including account (8)
5 Man, say, is misled after margins are cut (4)
7 Popular team behind bars (6)
8 Old tower containing tree collapsed (8,6)
12 Finished a favourite Italian dish (5)
14 Secure 22 yards (5)
16 Adroitly arranged extreme form of worship (8)
18 Stop a court protecting businesses (6)
21 English fellows etc distorted outcome (6)
23 Wilkie Collins sergeant’s beat (4)not solved
25 Dashed round one bucket maybe (4)
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Created at 21.00 hrs IST on 31-01-2021 from Bangalore

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