Cryptic Crossword - Economic Times Chennai (8235 of 05-01-2022) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Nick debtor’s notes in abundance (7)
5 One African state or another importing a whiskey (6)
9 Old convict breaks into stately home for rifle (7)
10 Carrier picked up thin crack in London? (7)
11 Twitch every so often (3)
12 A scatty chef bust security device (6,5)
13 Neighbourhood pub offering low-energy drink? (5)
14 Small former music company (British) always returned note (9)
16 Inn where queen sought comfort? (5,4)
17 One pursued by Cortez, violently removing gold (5)
19 One shouldn’t miss this session with love (7,4)
22 Mate’s almost wan (3)
23 TV brain’s unusually brilliant (7)
24 College class’s distinctive clothing (7)
26 Star briefly tracks crunchy vegetable (6)
27 Aquatic animal’s large victim hides in the morning (7)

1 Principal city’s assets (7)
2 Bobby mislays pencil and bootlaces (6,9)
3 Peel 13 to reveal tuberous plant (3)
4 Female regularly left ornaments here perhaps (5)
5 Each officer stops copiers when food’s served (9)
6 Cyril redesigned London theatre (5)
7 Fast journey ruined with ruts and potholes, hard going (7,4,4)
8 IT ace has English church in bind (6)
12 Drink in ship when prices are reduced (5)
14 Nimble mole bypasses correct line (9)
15 Space left in slope (5)
16 Lay out very very old part of Balkans (6)
18 Slander a Scottish smoker in cold US city (7)
20 Silly old lady that is ringing (5)
21 Normal guest unable to ignore odd characters (5)
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Created at 11.30 hrs IST on 05-01-2022 from Kanchipuram

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