Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times, Chennai (8237 of 07-01-2022)

Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times, Bangalore (8237 of 07-01-2022) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Is everything conventional about this service provider? (8,6)
9 Tin contains broken plant item (6)
10 Smart aleck, English one with a screw loose (8)
11 Kelvin wastes a winter in Woollies (8)
13 Two lots of soldiers arrest a tense speaker (6)
15 Make a jacket using some tree ferns (6)
17 Very large parent hoards one metal (6)
19 He got worried about temperature in slum perhaps (6)
20 Old theatre tackles plot that is amenable (8)
22 Henry and Edward somehow grasp old entry in dictionary (8)
24 Festival with a couple of unknowns and lots of stars (6)
26 Behaviour of bull in its favourite haunt? (8,6)

1 Direction of bygone Hitchcock classic? (5-9)
2 Turned up demo tapes with very little in them (4)
3 Quiet snow-leopard might do this (6)
4 They cut deceptive movement at Murrayfield (8)
5 An enthusiast hauled up swimmer (4)
7 Where nurses work and make progress (6)
8 In reduced form, this gas is central to narcotic (6,8)
12 Message, tiny, appears in Times (5)
14 Excuse one wearing vestment second in line (5)
16 Efficient English comedian keeps working (8)
18 Fuss about pressure on grand champion at Crufts (3,3)
21 Surround young woman briefly in goal (6)
23 Call to collect Mike’s mum (4)
25 Young man receiving university’s praise (4)
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