Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times, Chennai (8240 of 11-01-2022)

Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times, Bangalore (8240 of 11-01-2022) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Nick's type of parade? Not if I indicate otherwise (14)
9 75 pc of remedy for Florence's rich family (6)
10 Sturdy watering hole, say (4-4)
11 Old Jew's harp out of order, I understand (8)
13 Room to move set earing tiny return (6)
15 Subtle detail recorded in ethnic etymology (6)
17 Guru's millions lead to City's downfall (6)
19 Priest in Indian city or one in ancient Greece (6)
20 Listeners in here managed to go through (8)
22 Family member can distribute alms internally round north (8)
24 Card's cards (6)
26 Outcome of Corsican greed? I'm in, but not capo di capi (9,5)

1 Doctor Corville defends risk for university's boss (4-10)
2 Some eye Tibet for spotting it? (4)
3 High moral standards transformed in the CIS (6)
4 Reserve cash for kid's treat (3-5)
5 Staunch supporter of plant (4)
7 Guy with forgeries put out (6)
8 Mapmakers underscore Navy manoeuvres (8,6)
12 Person who sets tempo rises to play again (5)
14 More wide for instance (5)
16 1 of 3 old officials win, bar brief phase by six runs (8)
18 Priest ultimately managed church in daze (6)
21 Seize journalist touring central Fiji (6)
23 Sort of tide again in Tyne apparently (4)
25 Join together and think about abandoning Hotel (4)
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