Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times, Chennai (8243 of 14-01-2022)

Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times, Bangalore (8243 of 14-01-2022) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Hug troubled man involved in brawl (5-3-6)
9 Writer’s backing party fellows in position at Lord’s (3-3)
10 Uncompromising book left with no conclusion (8)
11 Being spiteful, she inspires radical desire (8)
13 Repudiate litter producer in racket (6)
15 To link up in Australia is easy (6)
17 Misguided deed among sailors makes you blush (6)
19 Disregard region in difficulty (6)
20 Realised each dive should be demolished (8)
22 Orcadian maybe is left with woman in Balmoral (8)
24 Making out what’s on top of wall (6)
26 Reportedly, an old sailor runs tests for service recruits (7,7)

1 Twitchers or Northern Irish religious students lacking energy (14)
2 Old ground hosting university game (4)
3 Look, leaders of unionism feature in this novel (6)
4 One’s present at part of course, about to finish (8)
5 Surrounded by leading trio leaving pyramid (4)
7 Go and hunt wild duck (6)
8 Tiresome speechifying ruined Nelson’s wedding (4-10)
12 She inspires poet hiding in Sheraton (5)
14 Plant having initially some advantage (5)
16 One lady set off at a constant pace (8)
18 Wonderful, almost luxurious material (6)
21 Part of Machu Picchu sorted temporary setback (6)
23 Partially open a drink (4)
25 Supporter’s job (4)
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