Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times, Chennai (8246 of 18-01-2022)

Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times, Chennai (8246 of 18-01-2022) - Fillable and with solution

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6 He blocks stink about rumpus I found in streets (14)
9 A hundred live in South Dakota in fear (6)
10 Guide shows one item of footwear in Arctic (8)
11 Firm allowed English parliamentarian in to finish (8)
13 Conjure up approval to probe varicose vein (6)
15 Lure in some apprentices (6)
17 How to start letter to the Queen? It's more costly (6)
19 Chess player's leads of king and rook produce one victory (6)
20 Trained muscleman heading off U.S. representative (5,3)
22 Old rusty rifle I'd brought out of range, say (3-5)
24 Vegetable wretched mule ate, for example (6)
26 Version of nitrate in reaction with protein (14)

1 Lack of help by ordinary NCO after new theatre job (3-11)
2 Emperor's subjects are gathered inside (4)
3 Spanner game? (6)
4 It's addictive and pleasant kept in oxygen container (8)
5 Responsibility? Ours lies here (4)
7 Traces may appear after this is shaken (6)
8 Complex matter OK with NHS etc? Could be ECT (5,9)
12 Type of job that's meant to deceive either way (3-2)
14 Lines in cosmos uni missed (5)
16 Coups very nearly inspired e.g. Watergate etc. (5-3)
18 I left centre for university, creating confusion (6)
21 Seize last of Ohio students in vehicle (6)
23 Release with no charge (4)
25 Win silver doing somersault at home (4)
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