Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times, Chennai (8249 of 21-01-2022)

Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times, Chennai (8249 of 21-01-2022) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Ruth and Ian Taylor's random plant study for example (7,7)
9 Given a turn, wounded Republican left (6)
10 Albumen, say, good with stirred margarine finally (3,5)
11 A small number live in Indian state’s restricted zone (2-2,4)
13 Fish eater’s very big quarry (6)
15 Person of zero importance’s verdict on cheap wine? (6)
17 Perhaps paint bottom gold and black (6)
19 Announced latest arrivals in docks (6)
20 Hothouse Roy altered to accommodate cooker (8)
22 Gushing English females with us four last to leave (8)
24 Thrash and bash parvenu with no name (4-2)
26 Some believe this object dyke-builder hit disintegrated (7,2,5)

1 Missing curate found on rocks clutching cape (11,3)
2 Arab follows street light at night (4)
3 Dealer putting up leftwing paintings? (6)
4 Sound made by mobile form of nitrogen (8)
5 Engrave hearts and other things on top (4)
7 Room to manoeuvre a small line over stern of ferry (6
8 Smell of hooligans under mouldy old seats (6,8)
12 Male sibling’s revolutionary Italian course (5)
14 Chief of police called to crash (5)
16 Ignoring current note, punish supporter (8)
18 Short lad with different role in dance (6)
21 Lost a pile of snow (6)
23 Number one component (4)
25 Bordeaux perhaps harbours English vessel (4)
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