Cryptic Crossword - Economic Times Chennai (8253 of 26-01-2022) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Dental problem? Stick on black lubricant (7)
5 Sound from horse covered in gorse? (6)
9 Second meeting in an ethical way (7)
10 Victor had this old car (7)
11 Some people investigate European bread (3)
12 Agreement to fly over hostile headland (11)
13 How to lie to avoid detection? Try tail first (5)
14 Start to work on his claim that’s disputed and fanciful (9)
16 Cook’s wrapping picture for romantic couple? (9)
17 Pull horse over a crack (5)
19 Pretend to persuade worker to keep covering back (4-7)
22 Tooth chews or grinds primarily (3)
23 Article about suburbs of Tokyo on top of that (7)
24 Several combs needed for this hairstyle? (7)
26 Cast rallied round, respecting the stars (6)
27 Manage deviously to get over Republican dispute (7)

1 Took a risk after golf – went for a stroll (7)
2 A result of controversial congress in Minsk? (7,8)
3 Member of parliament opposed women’s lib initially (3)
4 Alloy needs refining? That’s true (5)
5 Silly twit in charge is beginning to make a joke (9)
6 White coat’s alluring with ENT at first (5)
7 Record-breaking IT function? (6,9)
8 Carpenter’s tool franchise limited to some extent (6)
12 Crime’s grown out of control (5)
14 It offers round trips at sea (9)
15 Harry loves to do crosswords perhaps (5)
16 League of nations reticent with German involved (6)
18 Healthy tips by one in DNA unit producing cleanliness (7)
20 Dim British king in play (5)
21 European beginning to booze in cheap joint (5)
25 Several periods are given up (3)
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Created at 16.30 hrs IST on 26-01-2022 from Chennai

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