You spoke such beautiful words,
That could blossom any flower.
The warmth felt from your presence,
You possessed such a power.
Your enjoyment with playing mail,
Your comments that made us smile.
It made the game complete,
And made it most worthwhile.
Forever we will keep your memories,
Forever we will feel your love.
For in a world full of commotion,
You are the pure white dove.
To speak with you was god sent,
Just a few days before you passed.
To feel your touch and hear your voice,
I never thought it would be the last.
The delicacies you made for us,
Your kindness hard to measure.
Welcoming any soul into your home,
You were just that amazing character.
You are cherished beyond all description,
As a grandmother, a mother and a wife.
We could feel your majestic being,
Though leading a very simple life.
With children carefully nurtured,
You bestowed them with knowledge and perfection.
You held wisdom in every aspect of the word,
Radiating high spirits and exhilaration.
You'll be dearly missed by all of us,
Now we know you're contented and serene.
With a life fulfilled in all ways,
As a gift from god you'll always be seen.

--Ranjani Raghavan (Nitya)