Urmila, (the author) Editor's niece while compering the book release function (authored by the Editor)

Jaya Akka’s life on earth was not a stay because she kept moving. It was not a journey because she moved vertically. It was a celebration of life itself. It was an exemplary example of leading from the front and all her children have followed in her foot steps.

I had the golden opportunity to stay with her, observe, interact and learn from her when I stayed with her in ‘Mohanam’ (when mama and mami were away to Bangalore). Together we saw all the ’72 ghana ragams’ and the myriad ragas of life.

We traced back the events of her life from her childhood to 9/11/2006 (The day I was there) and I had a rare glimpse of the child, the mother, the grand mother and the great grand mother in her.

All the time I was in the grand daughter mode as I saw my patti in her and hence I spoke with love, teased her, argued with her, even made her upset with my quick and firm nos as I would have done to my grand mother. She wielded the stick and chastised me and this made me cry.

In all what I saw of Jaya Akka was not a spark of life in her but a complete ‘FIRE WORKS DISPLAY’. Hence her’s was a celebration of life itself and all her children, grand children and great grand children are fortunate beyond words.

It also bestows on each one of you a great responsibility, the responsibility to be the torch bearers to ignite the dormant light of life within others you come across by your mere presence and good thoughts.

December 2006