Remembering Jayakka

Usha (left) with Radha, Urmila and Ravi (Radha & Urmila have also written articles in ths edition.

I must share one incident about Jayakka. This was way back in 1989 in the early days of my marriage. Jayakka graciously agreed to visit our place and I was super-excited since she was probably the first senior visitor from 'my' side. Chooda mami had also accompanied Jayakka. We used to live in Mathikere, Bangalore with my in-laws. My mother-in-law made some coffee and advised me to serve the visitors hot kaapi. In my quintessential style I goofed up and served kaapi in a coffee mug. Jayakka softly told me to serve her in a 'dabara-tumbler' My mother-in-law would pull my leg by relating this incident for many years thereafter and we always had a good laugh at my goofup.

Jayakka was a noble, soft-spoken soul. Each of her offspring bears similar qualities - two of them are now closely related to me - my mami and my chithi. Jayakka leaves behind a legacy to be proud of. I wish all her family members the very best on the landmark occasion of her centenary birth celebrations. She must be smiling gently and blessing us from wherever she is.

Usha Murali
May 2021