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Hello everyone,

Your favourite Family magazine is back. The last issue on Jaya akka had contributions by a lot of family members. But we are back to the reliable trio of Kannan, Urmila and Prasad. Aarthi wanted to write on Jaya akka in the memorial issue of the Newsletter in December 2006, but could not meet the deadline. Her article is appearing in this issue.

Two major events happened for us in December 2006. The first was Harish's wedding with Archana on 1st December and the other was Aarthi's graduation on 16th December. I've written in detail about the wedding and have uploaded nearly 400 photos. A normal issue of Newsletter with 20 images/photos and about 10 html-files takes me five to six hours to edit and upload. But this issue took me about 30 hours to put together as it has about 400 photos and 25 html-files. Each photo had to be reduced in size and new Javascripts had to be written. That was why the Newsletter could not come out on the last Sunday of February as originally planned nor on the last day of the month.

In his introduction to a volume on Thirukkural, Dr. Jayabharathi said, 'Bhagwadgeetha is a great book given by God to man: Tiruvachakam is a great book given by man to God and Tirukkural is a great book given by man to man.' Kannan has been writing about the different aspects of life covered in Tirukkural. In this issue, he has written about The beauty of similes in Tirukkural. Urmila had sent an article on her grandfather(my father) in November on his 98th birthday - TRIBUTE TO MY GRAND FATHER ON HIS 98TH BIRTH ANNIVERSARY But unfortunately the Newsletter could not be brought out as we were busy with Harish's wedding. The next issue was devoted to Jaya akka. So her article is appearing in this issue. Prasad continues to scintillate with another autobiographical article titled India that defies stereotyping - A bus journey from Pune to Indore . Aarthi pays her tribute to her grandmother in her article Remembering Jaya paatti. I am reproducing Kausalya's article A matter of choice, an article about adoption published in Folio msgazine of The Hindu in 1999. Santhanam had forwarded a nice piece called 'Thathuvams. I have taken out the kadi jokes from that piece which are appearing as Brain teasers. The quotations are appearing in the FROM THE NET section.

The section 'FROM THE NET' contains 'Thathuvams' (forwarded by Santhanam), 'Adding mystery to clerihew', 'On The Ganga Mail' and 'Gandhi, the new pop icon'

All the other usual features, viz. Memories are made of these, Important family events, Crossword Clues, Brain Exercisers and Cryptoquip are there. Joke of the month selected from Ananda vikatan is at the bottom of this page.

Enjoy the Newsletter, but do write about it.

The first feature, as usual, are the old photos.


My father and Kannan (Adyar) with Malathi's (Kannan's sister) husband (left extreme) and Jayam's (Kannan's sister) husband (right extreme)
Kannan (Adyar) and Chooda at their wedding


*** For us, the two big events were Harish's wedding and Aarthi's graduation. Harish returned from USA on 24th November 2006. The marriage went off well and a detailed report is available elsewhere. Harish and Archana have settled in their new (rented) flat in Bangalore. We were in Bangalore from 7th to 10th December 2006 to set up Harish and Archana's house in Karthigai and again from 18th to 21st January 2007. Amritha was with Harish and Archana for three days before Adity's Upanayanam. Harish and Archana have come to Chennai twice in the last two months.
*** After a hectic (but enjoyable) five and half years, Aarthi received her diploma on 16th December 2006 in a short but elegant function. My niece Usha accompanied me to the function. Aarthi received a cash Award as well as a Certificate of Commendation for her Diploma Project which was a film ONE IN TEN which examines the lives of five gay/lesbian people in Bangalore. This is the first episode of a proposed series.
Click on the following photgraphs to see Aarthi after her Gradustion.

Aarthi hasdecided to be a free-lance film-maker and is currently working on a project in Bangalore. From 23rd February to 26th February, she participated in

*** Ravi (Urmila's husband) took voluntary retirement from Army and has joined DLF in Chennai. Newsletter offers him best wishes on his new career. They have vacated the army house and have taken a flat on rent in the building next to Kannan's in Sarangapani street, T.Nagar.

*** Newsletter congratulates Shriram (my brother Raghu's son) on receiving an award from his college.

*** Newsletter offers belated congratulations to Prasad on his elevation as one of the MDs of United Airlines Limited.(our own Indra Nooyi). Prasad and Rupal were here recently.
*** Kannan's family is really making us proud. There has been a lot of good reports about Jagan as Collector, Karur. You can view some of the reports by clicking here. Congrats Jagan and keep up the good work.

*** Geetha (Madhu's wife) received an award as the best teacher in UCMAS (Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System). Our congrats to her.
*** Aditya's upanayanam was celebrated in Bangalore on a grand scale on 22bd February 2006. We wish the Bal Brahmachari all the best. On the day of the Upanayanam the news came that he has been selected for the Karate contest in California. Congrats, Aditya.

*** Newsletter congratulates Shoba and Anand who'd shortly be proud parents. The grandparents-to-be (Pushpa and her husband) will be with Shoba from May to November 2007. Click on the following photgraphs to see Shoba at a function (Talai vaari Pinnal Function) -(never heard of it)

*** Rahul was in India to present a paper in a seminar in Kolkata. Though his seminar was only on 13th December, he advanced his visit to be here for Harish's wedding. We thank him for the effort.
*** Sahtnanam was in USA and Columbia in February 2007 to study the Metro transportation systems there.

*** Raghu and Chandra were here for Jaya akka's cremation and the religious rites thereafter. After reaching Sydney, Raghu underwent a minor surgery and according to him, his condition is 'like Hema's broadband connection'. We wish both a speedy recovery.
*** Nitya came to India on 26th November and is leaving for Mumbai on 3rd March on her way back to Sydney.

We could not attend many concerts in Music Season 2006. But 2007 has been a good year for us for music. We attended 4 concerts in January. February saw the celebration of Chennai Sangamam, a nice cultural festival highlighting all the arts of Tamil Nadu including Carnatic music. All performances were held in different parks in the city. I attended 4 carnatic music concerts (two in Tower Park, Anna Nagar, one in Nageswara Rao Park, Mylapore and one in Natesan Park, T.Nagar). Hats off to Kanimozhi (Karunanidhi's daughter) and her team. January meant Chennai Open which had Nadal this year.


We had appealed for contributions to Kumbhahishekam of Satya Varadaraja Perumal Koil near our house. We thank Jaya akka, Kannan (T.Nagar), Chooda, Amritha, Hema and Harish for their contributions. The Kumbabhishekam was a grand affair on 26th February 2007. The work of construction of Rajagopuram has now begun. All readers are requested to contribute for the same. Your contributions may be sent to the editor.

Bye till 30th April 2007,

28th February 2007


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India that defies stereotyping - A bus journey from Pune to Indore by Prasad

Remembering Paatti by Aarthi

A matter of choice by Kausalya

Thathuvams (Forwarded by Santhanam)

On The Ganga Mail

Adding a Little Mystery to the Clerihew

Gandhi, the new pop icon

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