Dear Parthasarathi,
My hearty congratulations to you on your family Newsletter completing six years. The magazine has accmplished so manywonders.It has transcended continents and brought our kith and kin closer.It has made many people come out with nice articles.In the latest issue I findthat eveyone has excelled the other. It has taken us thro' years thro' some carefully selected photos. They serve as memoirs to all of us. My kudos toyou for the wonderful job being done. Pl continue this excellent effort!
With best wishes for a happy new year,

Athai & Athimber,
I read all the articles in the Newsletter and liked them all very much. Paatti was such a delightful person, and all the affectionate outpouring that we have had from her close and extended family is a testimony to her great character. All of us should consider ourselves extremely lucky to have had her as a close relative. Athimber, your effort in patiently collecting all the articles and phots and putting them together is really praiseworthy. True to the motto, you are really helping us share our thoughts and feeling and e-uniting us. I cannot tell you how much your Newsletter means to all of us. Please keep up the good work!
Mukund, Prema and Keshav

I have been reading the newsletter over a period of many days. I just read your article on paati today. It once again reminded me of her and all her interest. All the articles were uniformly great. I had also sent an email to Harish a few days ago, after I finished reading his article saying how much I had enjoyed his article.

Hi All
I know everyone has written beautiful memories of Paati. I am not too good at writing and hence did not send Athimber anything. But I really wanted to share something after reading the newsletter. I think I was one of the unfortunate ones who was unable to see Paati during her last days. But Hema Athai's tribute really touched me out of all as I can relate to the subject. Just thought I will share it with everyone.
    That Song "Enna Solli Azhaithal Varuvayo" was written by Ambujam krishna. A few years back myself and Nitya were in India together. Any where Paati caught me and nitya together doing close to nothing, all she would say is, "Konjam andha Ambujam Krishna paatu paaden". After singing it 5-6 times over and over again, both of us started getting a bit annoyed and sick of that song. But if only I had known how much she liked that song. If only I had known that I will not be able to sing it to her again.
    It really is amazing how the silliest things affect us so much. I mean I have not been too close to paati as most of my cousins have been. Most of you have been very fortunate. I have not lived with her for too long. But I do know that her cooking was one of the best. I do know that in the Thiruvanmyur house, every time I visited her, she looked after me just as much as my own mother would. I used to love the Raagimalt that she used to make. As soon as she would hear that I would be coming, she would go buy it and have it ready.
    I think I am have just been writing randomly (like I said, I am not a good writer). But I do know that I will miss her a great deal. Initially, it felt very odd to not see my paati in the Thiruvanmyur house. But I knew that she was always there. I don't think it has still hit me that she is not around as I was not there. I still feel that in April, I will go to anyone's house and she will be there with her walker and her Radio and give me the most BEAUTIFUL smile. I just wish I could have seen her one last time.
    May she find the Peace and Happiness that she deserves.
    With lots of Luv

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