Issue No. 41                  
July - AUGUST 2006


Hello everyone,

Your favourite (and only) family magazine completed five years in December 2005 and is still going strong. The 41st issue is here. The issues for April 2006 and June 2006 were skipped as we were all numbed by the tragic and untimely demise of Divya in Mumbai.

As there was a request by many relatives for the photos of the Nichayathartham of Harish, this issue was planned in two parts. The first part which came out in July contained the photos and an article titled Longing for a Lambretta written by me for IRAS Times, which is the website of our service. This article was inspired by Prasad's article Wistful for a Vespa which was published a few years back.

The contributions from relatives, interesting articles from the Net, some more photographs and the other usual features by the Editor, viz. Crossword Clues, Brain teasers and Cryptoquip have all been published in this - the second part of the Newsletter which comes out in August. Of course all the earlier pieces are also here.

As a number of photographs are presented in every issue, there is a separate section for Photographs from this issue. This issue contains photos of Harish's Nichayathartham held on 3rd July 2006, the photos of Srivatsa's wedding on 8th June 2006, the photos of our trip to Sravanabalgola, Belur & Halebid on 3rd June 2006 (these were already published) and photos taken by Raghu in April 2006 and photos taken during the lunch on 30th July 2006.

Prasad is back after an year with a thought-provoking piece Safety First. Kausalya's article Giant leap forward from The Hindu dated 18th February 2006 has been reproduced. Harish and Mukund had promised to contribute. But they could not find time. May be next time.

Editor's pages contain Crossword Clues, Cryptoquip and interesting Brain Teasers which include an excellent Kadi Joke that I got in the Net.

There are four interesting pieces in the section From The Net - the first is by an Armyman titled ID Card, the second is an article by a Frenchman settled in India titled 10+1 things I don't like about India, the third is Celebrate Life and the fourth is a piece that will raise a smile titled Terrorist.

Enjoy the Newsletter, but do write about it.


Satya Varadaraja Perumal Koil near our house is under renovation. The main Garbagriha and Gopurams are under construction and Kumbhahishekam will be in January 2007. All readers of this Newsletter are requested to contribute their mite. Your contributions may be sent to the Editor of this Newsletter.


I have settled down in my new job in Railway Claims Tribunal as Member (Technical). As I mentioned earlier I am now a judge and am addressed as 'Your Honour' while sitting in court (which wil change to Sir soon, according to Bar Council's decision). Harish said,"Gopalan periappa became a lawyer after retirement while you have become a judge after retirement." I replied,Thank God, no one has become a criminal after retirement." I am looking after the Bangalore bench also, which has given Amritha and I an opportunity to stay with Harish and see Aarthi every month. Our first visit to Bangalore was in May for about 8 days (2 days on work and the balance availing part of my summer vacation. Yes, we have summer vacation for 3 weeks and Dasara and Christmas vacations for a week each.) The second visit was in June for a week when we visited Belur, Halebid and Sravanbalgola for a day and also attended Srivatsa's wedding. Photographs of our Belur Trip and Vatsa's wedding are in this Newsletter and the links are available elsewhere.Aarthi played an important part in Vatsa'swedding as she had to tie the third knot as the groom's sister. However she says that she tied two knots as per the Pandit's instruction. There seems to be a different procedure in Karnataka. Our third visit to Bangalore was for three days on 5th to 7th July. The fourth visit was for four days from 30th July to 3rd August, when the tragic death of Mr.Varadachari happened.

Amritha (and I) have been looking for a suitable bride for Hrish for the last year or more. Finally the wedding got settled when Harish and Archana agreed to the marriage after the usual process of horoscope matching, seeing each other etc. The Nichayathartham (Betrothal) function was held at Archana's aunt's place in Adyar. It was a nice and cosy affair. I have uploaded the photos of the function. The wedding will be on 1st December 2006.

Other family news after the publication of Issue No. 40 in February 2006.
- Ravi (Urmila's husband) celebrated his 50th birthday on 15th July with a gala party in Hotel Deccan Plaza, Royapettah (For old-timers of Madras, it has come up where Hotel Ajanta was). His sister flew in from USA with her family and brother from Mumbai with his family.
- Arun (my niece Urmila's son) has completedd his MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad and has joined ITC.
- Naren (my niece Urmila's younger son) has passed his 12th with Distinction and has joined B.E. in S.P.Jain Engineering College, Mumbai.
- Srivatsa (my brother Raghu's eldest son) got married to Sharmila in Bangalore on 8th June 2006 (photos of the wedding are in this issue).
- Sriram (my brother Raghu's second son) was interviewed on SUN TV in the program 'Young Scientists' for the work on Tamil SMS on Cell phones by his team.
- Harish has got engaged to Archana (photos of Nichayathatham function are in this issue) and the wedding will be on 1st December 2006.
- Aarthi returned to Bangalore in March afteer her internship with an NGO in Ahmedabad. She is now in the last semester of her course and is busy with her Diploma project.
- Prasad visited Chennai for a couple of dayys after attending a seminar at Dubai.
- Jagan has been transferred to Chennai and has joined his new post. He is also moving to Government house.
- Kannan's (Adyar) 70th birthday was celebrated in February in a grand manner by Chitra, Ramesh and all others.
- Ramesh was sent to Thailand by his company for his work in ISO certification. Ramesh, Sunandini, Neha and Namita had a holiday in Singapore.
- Mr. Varadachari (Rukku's husband) underwent Acupuncture treatment in Chennai for about 3 months and moved back to Bangalore on 25th June for treatment there. His death on 2nd August 2006 was a great shoock to all.
- Madhu received an Award on his company's bbehalf in Delhi for his work on ISO certification.
- Aditya went to Sri Lanka to tke part in Karate competitions making him the youngest relative to travel abroad unaccompanied by relatives.
- Shoba and Anand came to Chennai and visited Arumbakkam and other places. Shoba has changed her job.
- The Newsletter congratulates Santhanam whoo got his promotion to the grade of Chief Secretary.
- Radhika came out in her 12th exam with Distinction and has joined Stella Mary's College, Chennai.
- Raghu and Chandra visited India for a montth and visited over 50 temples all over South India during their stay. Some photos taken by Raghu are available in this Newsletter. Amritha and I accompanied them to Tirupathi where we had an excellent Suprabhatha Darshan right in front of the team reciting the Suprabhatham. Do you know that two Iyers are part of the team that renders Suprabhatam every day?
- Vidya (Sydney) has changed her job and Nitya has got admission in one of the good universities (University of Sydney) for doing bachelor's degree in Science and Agriculture.
- Hema has been transferred from Tambaram too Parrys Corner and has shifted residence from Tambaram to T.Nagar. Hema arranged Sudarshana Homam in Anantapadmanabhaswami Temple which was actually conducted by Kannan (T.Nagar) and Rajeevi. It was followed by a lunch in Padmanabha Nagar Some photos taken during the lunch are available in this Newsletter.

Bye till the next issue which may be in October 2006,

10th August 2006

Longing for a Lambretta

Crossword Clues

Brain Exercisers


Photographs of Harish's Nichayathartham function

Photographs of Vatsa's Wedding

Photographs of our trip to Sravanabalgola, Belur and Halebid

Some photographs taken by Raghu in April 2006 and some on 30th July 2006 during the lunch after Homam

Tributes to Mr. Varadachari

Safety First by Prasad

Giant leap forward by Kausalya

ID Card

10+1 things I don't like about India

Celebrate Life ...


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