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Hello everyone,

Your favourite Family magazine is back. The last issue had contributions from among the relatives by the reliable trio of Kannan, Urmila and Prasad. This time also, it is a trio, but not the same members. While Kannan has contributed, Prasad and Urmila's siblings,viz., Mukund and Radha are the other contributors.

Kannan has been writing about the different aspects of life covered in Tirukkural. In this issue, he continues his piece on The beauty of similes in Tirukkural - II the first part of which appeared in the last issue. Mukund shares his disappointment at India not qualifying for the Soper-8 in his interesting article Cricket Lessons. . Radha has written a Tamil poem the title of which is karaindha agandhai, niraindha manam which translates as 'Lost ego, gained peace of mind'. It is creditable of Radha that she found the time and the inclination to write this poem amidst her agony. I am reproducing Kausalya's article Fort unforgettable, an article about Vellore Fort published in Metro Plus msgazine of The Hindu.Prasad has not found time to contribute. So his article titled Shankarabharanam has been reproduced from the September 2002 issue.

Though the Cricket World cup - 2007 was memorable for all the wrong reasons - a horrrible murder, numerous sackings, retirements galore of coaches and players, India and Pakistanís (not so) shocking exits, the resultant missing crowds, the horrible organisation, the one sided contests, a few players on drunken binges, captaincy changes, squad changes, the never ending boredom topped ironically by a rain-affected and truncated final with the last three overs played in darkness. Thanks to India's poor performance, we did not spend sleepless nights. Inzamam's and Lara's retirement and Stephen Fleming's relinquishment of the captaincy have raised questions whether Rahul Dravid should cease to be captain. I vote for his continuance for the simple reason that none of his likely replacements - Tendulkar, Ganguly, Sehwag, Yuvaraj Singh and Kaif - inspire confidence. After two months of Cricket, the names that have stuck in the mind (positive or negative) during this World Cup are Bob Woolmer: Mark Shields (Scotland Yard investigator): Hayden, Ponting,McGrath and Tait of Australia: Mortaza, Razak and Ashraful of Bangladesh: Leverock of Bermuda(the heaviest player of the tournament at 120 kgs): Ravi Bopara of England: Greg Chappel, the Indian coach: A.C.Botha and Jeremy Bray of Ireland: Daan van Bunge of Netherlands(who gave away six 6s in one over): Inzamam-Ul-Haq of Pakistan: Herschelle Gibbs of South Africa (who hit those six 6s): Jayasuriya, Jayawardane, Malinga (who took 4 successive wickets against South frica) and Muralidharan of Sri Lanka and Brian Lara of West Indies. No player from India deserved to be remembered in this World Cup. Though the World Cup -2007 was a failure, for a majority of Indians, Cricket World Cup is perhaps the biggest sports event on this earth. I watched most of the matches for the first 50 overs and would switch on the TV during the second half whenever I woke up in the night. The only match in which I lost some sleep was the Final between Australia and Sri Lanka. I'd started collecting the score-cards and reports on every match on a daily basis in the hope that India would make it to the semi-final if not the final. Though India got knocked out, I continued to spend about 15 minutes on all the days. So we have all the details of the Cricket World Cup - 2007 in one place, viz., this edition of the Newsletter. I've put it in a separate Cricket World Cup Section. Apart from Details of all matches of Cricket World Cup - 2007 this section also contains World Cup History and Cricket Humour, The only site that I always see for Cricket news is CRICINFO . All the info is from that site.

The section 'FROM THE NET' contains Top 10 April Fool Pranks and '365 Years Of Madras', The latter is a long piece and has contributions by professionals from different fields.

All the other usual features, viz. Memories are made of these, Important family events, Crossword Clues, Brain Exercisers (one puzzle has been sent by Murali, my brother Gopalan's son-in-law) and Cryptoquip are there. Cartoons of the month are at the bottom of this page.

Enjoy the Newsletter, but do write about it.

The first feature, as usual, are the old photos.


A rare photo showing my mother, chithi and athai with two other relatives
Rukku and Pushpa


*** Promotions in personal life are perhaps more important than in one's career. Amritha and I are happy that we'd be getting promoted as grandparents (and Harish and Archana as parents) in November this year. We seek good wishes from all the readers. Archana has been advised to take complete rest. Amritha and her mother are taking care of her.

Today Harish and Archana complete 5 months of their wedding. They've already travelled quite a bit. In March, they went to Kumarakom in the backwaters of Kerala. In March, we also went with them to Tirupathi and Tirumala. Click here to see some photos of Harish and Archana in Bangalore Flower Show as well as in Kumarakom.

*** Amritha is in Bangalore from 24th April. I'll be there from 1st May. On 8th may, both of us and Aarthi'll come to Chennai. Aarthi continues to be a free-lance film-maker in Bangalore. The response to her film in the Film Festival in Puri was very good, it seems.

*** Mukund and Prema are expecting an addition to their family. Our congrats and best wishes to them as well as to Kannan and Rajeevi. 2007 seems to be the year of population explosion in our family with Shoba & Anand expecting their child in June, Mukund & Prema in September and Harish & Archana in November. Mahesh, who is our family member will become a father in a few days (in May 2007).

*** My sister-in-law, Vijaya (Gopalan's wife) is now much better after her knee-replacement operation. She has gone back to Bangalore in March. Her son Mohan has joined a new company in Bangalore.

*** There were two surgeries in the family. Vaishnavi (My brother Raghu's grand-daughter) had a major operaion for a hole in the heart and is now back home. Aditya (Rukku's grandson) had an emergency operation for removing his appendix. Researchers think that many, many years ago, the appendix was a useful part of the digestive system, but we don't use it any more and has to be removed if it becomes a problem. Newsletter offers its best wishes to Vaishnavi and Aditya (Click on the photgraphs below to see larger images of them) for a speedy recovery. In a lighter vein, I've selected two cartoons on surgeons for publication. They're at the bottom of this page.

*** My sister Vanaja and Radha have moved to Chennai from Ranipet. Radha has got her transfer to Chennai and Srinidhi has been admitted in Urmila's school (PSBB, T.Nagar). Radha will take up a flat for rent in T.Nagar.

*** Kannan (T.Nagar) and his wife spent about 25 days with Jagan in Karur. Kannan and Santhanam are regularly performing the monthly rites of Jaya akka which have become occasions for family get-together.

*** Pushpa and her husband are leaving for USA on 8th May 2007. Shoba's seemantham was celebrated in April. Click on the following photgraphs to see the function.

*** When we congratulated Rahul on his likelihood of becoming 'Professor Rahul Santhanam', he wrote,'I might wait for a different job, hopefully I'll have time to think about it... I'm going to Edinburgh for an interview and will be back next Wednesday. Work is keeping me busy otherwise, but I do like Toronto.' Our best wishes to him for getting a job and place of his choice.

*** Chandra and Vidya have come from Australia to attend the Maha Kumbaabishekam at Avalur near Kanchipuram. They are devotees of Sri Om Adi Sakthi Ashram headquartered at Avalur and having branches in Australia and New Zealand. They spent 2 days in Chennai and will be in Avalur for 12 days and will leave for Sydney on 11th May after spending a few days in Bangalore and Chennai. You can view the website of their Ashram by clicking here. Nitya left for Sydney in March. She went by Kingfisher airlines from Chennai to Mumbai and was all praise for the service and the food.

*** After a long time, we saw a movie that leaves you happy and nice at the end of it. The film is Mozhi in Tamil. Though I don't normally see any film a second time, I made an exception and saw it first with Nitya in March and again with Pushpa, her husband and Hema in April. It has everything - action, dialogues, comedy, emotions and is in the same class as the best of Hrishikesh Mukherjee. It has also become a commercial hit. Don't miss it.

*** We also saw some more films - Deepavali and Paruthi veeran in Tamil, Guru in Hindi and Casino Royale in English in the last three months. All were OK. We've also been attending concerts every 10 days or so.


We had appealed for contributions to construction of Rajagopuram of Satya Varadaraja Perumal Koil near our house. We thank Rukku, Pushpa and Shoba who have contributed in March 2007. All readers are requested to contribute for the same. Your contributions may be sent to the editor.

Rahul had written,'The Newsletter was very interesting as usual - the consistency in quality is quite extraordinary. It must have been quite an effort uploading all those pictures. I especially liked Periappa's and Prasad's articles. I hope Athai will also resume writing soon, I enjoy her anecdotes.' Well, I also enjoy Amritha's anecdotes. Will she write? And will all the relatives contribute to their family Newsletter?

Bye till 30th June 2007.

30th April 2007

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A POEM IN TAMIL    by Radha


SHANKARABHARANAM by Prasad (Reproduced from Newsletter dated September 2002)

Details of all matches of Cricket World Cup - 2007

World Cup History

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365 Years of Madras - Articles by Bishwanath Ghosh, Shreekumar Varma, Maalan, V Sriram, Anita R Ratinam and K Hariharan

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