This issue's puzzles are all from briangle.com

1. When it is needed it is thrown away and when it is not needed, it is taken in. What is it?

2.Take away my first letter and I am a store.
Take away the second also and people who look at me adore.
Put all my letters back and read me in reverse if you are able.
I am now cars suspended from an overhead cable.
Take a letter away now and I become male sheep.
Did you get it, or did the letters you try to keep?

3.) What is special about the following verse?

This's a riddle you can solve with ease.
You have to think, but if you are wise,
Take note of the special words I use.
You must use your ears and not your eyes.

It's one of a kind, no debt it owes.
What's unique? The answer you must seize.
Although it would help to see some jays,
I'm not talking of the birds and bees.

As you search through two not seven seas,
Note each line ends like a pair of peas.
Don't wait to answer, there are no queues.
You should know by now, I'm such a tease.

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