A few days back the world, including my house, had celebrated “FATHER’S DAY”, except me.

I had seen Banks celebrate CUSTOMER SERVICE WEEK – to compensate the NO-SERVICE for the next 51 weeks. I was always under the wrong notion that Banks are supposed to be service oriented throughout, but as usual I was wrong.

On the eve of the Father’s Day, I could hear some hush-hush voices in my house - stops immediately I am around, something very scheming.,. On the eve of Bakrid, I had seen people feed the Goats, put garlands, put tilak (otherwise an unknown custom among muslims) and then the final act of slitting its neck for a slow death of the Goat. I realized I am something like the Goat, but no way to escape the finality. We went to a sweet shop, bought my favourite “Therettipal” (you know Daddy loves it, says my Wife to my children). I was checking the price tags, and naturally it was the costliest sweet in the shop. I checked the purse. I was short of money. Then for such eventualities (which comes too often), I used to keep few Rs.100 noes tucked inside the side pockets of the purse.

“For the remembrance of the Father’s Day, why can’t you buy me a Saree and dresses for children?”.

“Where are you going to keep the Saree. Already, the cupboard is so much bulging out (like the Sumo Wrestler) with your and your children’s dresses. In the end I have no other choice but to buy them the dresses and sacrified my dress.

We came home, the “Therettipal’ was distributed to everybody, except me (you know dear, you have Diabetes, Doctor told not to have sweets). I took a glass of water and went to bed,

“Happy Father’s Day”, my wife sang in my ears early morning. I got up with a jump. I thought your Father had died some years back? “You know after my father and mom had gone, you are everything to me” my wife said with certain kind of emotion and (glycerene) tear drops.

Now the entire conspirators, like the Last Supper, sat around me and planned out for the day to celebrate Father’s Day. “We make some Payasam at home, but go out for Lunch.” “Why can’t we have some good home food”, I said weakly knowing where the shoe pinches. “No Way. We Are going out” all unanimously vetoed me. Payasam came, but my wife said “Darling I wish I could give you some, but you know you are Diabetes”.

We went to the Hotel. I made sure I took my Credit Card with me. My family started reading the Menu card, like Chinese do, from right to left. The higher the cost, it was ordered. The best of icecream was ordered. I said “Why can’t we buy a family pack from out side as usual and ear at home.”

“Daddy…………”, screamed my daughter. “Please……at least on Father’s Day, be generous”. My wife offered me half-spoon ice-cream, and an after thought decided not to. “You know dear, I feel so bad to eat the ice-cream, without giving it to you, but you know you have Diabetes.”

We came out and took a Beeda (Pan). “Dear you don’t eat the pan, because it is sweet, and you know you have Diabetes”

Daddy I have booked tickets for the Movie at the Multiplex. I said how much the tickets? Oh it is only Rs.125/- each. What was the Movie? You know the Amitab Bachhan-Tabu movie “CHINI KUM”.

I wondered whether it was FATHER’S DAY or DIABETES DAY. In the end, I was short by 2 grands, without tasting anything.


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