55-year old Lakshmi Suryanarayanan, the Principal of Olcott Memorial High School (OMHS) in Chennai which has been giving free education to the poor says with a wry smile, "My last job before coming to OMHS was as Principal of Dr Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya in Mumbai, It ran in a multi-story building that stood on barely an acre. An incredible 5,500 children studied in three shifts and paid good money that no poor can afford to pay." Her pay was Rs.25,000 and at OMHS, it is Rs.3,500. Lakshmi though, seems delighted at her decision. Click here to read the full story

He runs no NGO, has built no check dams nor leads any community development. Among GoodNewsIndia's little known heroes, he is even less known, unknown even except in the neighbourhood of Mori Road, Mahim, Mumbai. He is 84. Lakhiani -affectionately, 'Dada' to everyone- shows you can do something right now. He runs a free homeopathy clinic, and until a few years ago taught at the nearby school and offered legal counsel to the poor. He has done that 'something' throughout his life. He is a man of few words and has no complaints or grouses or advise. He's busy the whole day. His is a perfect world. Click here to read the full story

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