Secret of Life

The depth of friendship seldom be measured
In the gifts of wealth, kind words nor tears,
But how you miss them which thy shall alone know.

No harm when friends share their views and mind
No matter the tiny details of worthless words they share,
Nor the beautiful smiles, the meaningless chatters,
The soft giggles or the soothing words;

The anger as rough waves on heft rocks
Has no bearing for the short but shapes up-
The depth of friendship stays still unaltered;
Whether words are clear or unuttered.
Secret of nature lies in the hearts we all share
With one another-far if that is lost the secret of life is lost;
Life once gone has no return and untold words are last in dark-
The secret of life lies there the sweet smiles like the nectar on flowers
Leaves behind an everlasting memory on the people's mind.

Radha Seshadri

(Written in 2006 which I would like to dedicate to (late) Shri Seshadri (Ravi, my husband).

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