31ST AUGUST 2007

There are ten clues, all from The Hindu. As usual, I am giving the solution with a brief explanation. Get cracking....

1. It brings warmth to the home by burning wood; note location (9)

2. Revive something unpleasant that a quiet guard messed up (4,2)

3. A short joke on the monorail? (3-5)

4. Temporary peace is real around beginning of Christmas (5)

5. What is the satellite doing, alternatively chewing up? (8)

6. Depend on pocketing a soft response (5)

7. Fence is complaining bitterly (7)

8. Prime power inside attacker is quicker (7)

9. Some embroidery, quite enough in extremes of summer (7)

10. Fuss over a socialist, greatly admired (6)

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