31ST AUGUST 2007

There are ten clues, all from The Hindu of Today (Sunday, the 4th November, 2007). As usual, I am giving the solution with a brief explanation where necessary. Get cracking....

1. Lively dance in part of film (4)

2. Supported ring in Pacific island (6)

3. Supervise extra watch (7)

4. Glib talk by son in shower (7)

5. Portable we hear? (10,5)

6. Must aid ground such asWembley? (7) (Anagram)

7. Impending disaster in classroom, odd few suspect (5,2,8) (Anagram)

8. A friend netting 1m causes bitterness (8)

9. King muttered drunkenly about learner's instrument (10)

10. Stage favourites turned up (4)

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