M P Vasimalai, who evaded all campus recruiters to IIM/A in 1983 and opted for an opening to help manage the lands donated to the Bhoodhan movement founded by Acharya Vinobha Bhave. DHAN currently has 400 professionals working in 6,000 villages of 6 states in India, trying to revive rural economies. Click here to read the full story

In 1987, the 430m Chikkapadasalagi barrage across the river Krishna, in Jamkhandi, Bagalkot District, Karnataka was built with people participation. Siddu Nyamagowda who led the endeavour was propelled to big time for that single act. He was thrust into elections to fight Ramakrishna Hegde, defeated him and went on to become a Union Minister. He has moved on. But the spirit carries on under the leadership of Ashok Tungal, who by a wide consensus, was the true force behind that barrage. Ashok is a 45 year old civil engineer. He is also a well to do farmer of Mudhol, which is 25 km from Jamkhandi. But his full time work is to drift through villages to mobilise farmers to help themselves. Click here to read the full story

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