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Hello everyone,

Your favourite Family magazine is back. Despite my best efforts, Prasad is the only original contributor from the family (other than me). But like Rajinikant, one article of Prasad is equal to at least ten. As always, his article titled The Monk With A Fan Club is very interesting. I'm nearing completion of my next book Romance of the Railways. I hope to release tyhe book in January 2008 before my retirement. My article this month is the second part of my Preface to the book. Last time, I'd covered upto our stay in Vijayawada. This time, it covers Secunderabad, Chittaranjan, Bombay, Kota, Baroda and Bombay. I am reproducing Kausalya's article Art of the royals about the wonderful art still available at the palace of the former rulers of Ramanathapuram from Sunday Magazine section of THe Hindu dated 25th June 2006.

The section 'FROM THE NET' contains Lesser known Heroes and heroines of India, ODE TO ENGLISH, THE HAPPY OLD MAN, HIDDEN MEANINGS and WALKWAY IN GRAND CANYON.

All the other usual features, viz. Memories are made of these, Important family events, Brain Teasers, Crossword Clues and Cryptoquip are there. Do not miss TAMIL JOKES at the bottom of this page.

Enjoy the Newsletter and do write about it. I thank Raghu (who always gives feedback), Kannan (T.Nagar) and Mr.Padmanabhan (Archana's father) on their feedback about the last issue.

The first feature, as usual, are the old photos.


Group photo of my parents,uncle, aunt, my brothers, sister and their families in 1985
Amritha, Aarthi and I at Kodaikanal in 1992. Harish was busy with his exams and could not accompany us.


*** The biggest news in the family is the birth of a daughter to Mukund and Prema. She has been named Shriya (not bexcause of Sivaji, the Boss). Both mother and baby are fine. Prasad and Rupal represented all of us in the Punyavachanam (naming ceremony). Some photos of the function and Shriya are here.


Vanaja*** My sister is in BRS Hospital , Chennai. She is better now and will be discharged soon. The Newsletter wihes her a speedy recovery.

aarthi offer*** The other big news is that Aarthi has joined Pantaloons (which is now known as Future Group) on 24th September 2007. She wasn't keen on a fixed routine, but accepted Pantaloon's offer mainly since her teacher would be her boss. She joined in Mumbi and moved to Bangalore the next day itself. From the little communication that we have with her, we feel she is enjoying her job.

*** The Bangalore edition of India Today brings out a supplement called Simply Bangalore. September 2007 issue featured Srishti School of Design in which Aarthi's photo appears. It is reproduced here.

*** Archana's Seemandham was celebrated well by us in a hall in Mylapore on 27th September 2007. The photos were uploaded last month and the link was emailed to all relatives. If you missed them, you can view them by clicking here. Photos of Seemandham function of Archana

*** Archana is keeping good health and goes for regular check-ups. The D-Day is around 10th November 2007. Harish has been permitted by his company to work from Chennai and he is here from 2nd November. Earlier he was coming from Bangalore for the weekends. Archana's first birthday after wedding was celebrated with a simple dinner outside. Some photos of that dinner are here.

*** Sriram (Shoba's son) is growing up well. Some latest photographs are here. Shoba's parents will be leaving back for India on 8th November 2007.

Santhanam*** After 35 years of service in IAS, Santhanam will take voluntary retirement on 15th November 2007. He'll join Central Administrative Tribunal, Hyderabad as Member. This is a judicial post like mine. He'll serve the Tribunal for five years. His Shashtiabdapoorthi is on 30th November for which he'll come from Hyderabad on leave. Rahul will be in India from 21st November.

*** Raghu's visit to UK and USA has been postponed to the next year. He is fine and so are Chandra, Vidya and Nitya. The roses in their garden are looking very nice. You can also see them.

*** Kannan (T.Nagar) and Rajeevi had gone to Karur to spend a few days with Jagan. They came back in time for the maasyam of Jaya Akka.

*** I said last time that Kannan (T.Nagar) and Rukku have exchanged their houses in Bangalore and Chennai. The registration of Bangalore house is over and that of Chennai will be on 5th November.

*** Did you know that apart from Karate, Aditya is a good cricket player. He went to Hyderabad to take part in an inter-school competition and helped his team win a prize.

*** Mahesh's (our peon) son - Shantaram (photo below)- born in April is also fine. Mahesh is going to his native place for Deepawali to bring his wife and son.

*** We saw two films in the last two months - 'Katradhu Tamizh (Tamil M.A.)' and Satham Podathe, both in Tamil. Both were good.

The biggest sports news in the last two months were India winning Cricket 20-20 World Cup in South Africa and Viswanathan Anand winning the World chess Championship in Mexico. The winning cricket team got a tumultous welcome in Mumbai with lakhs of people in attendance. The good thing was that Anand also got a rousing welcome in Chennai with thousands of people welcoming him.

Bye till 31st December 2007.

31st October2007


Crossword Clues



The Monk With A Fan Club BY Prasad

Art of the royals by Kausalya

Lesser known Heroes of India





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