There are ten clues, all from The Hindu of Today (Sunday, the 6th January, 2008). As usual, I am giving the solution with a brief explanation where necessary. Get cracking....

1. Drove round centre of Kampala, exhausted (5)

2. Head of state rests fitfully its the pressure (6)

3. New sweaters worn by the lovers (11)

4. One who attacks salsa, anti-dancing? (9) (Anagram)

5. Outfit tries again to involve little Sarah in full-scale practices (5,10)

6. The last word in extremely long-drawn-out sad song (6)

7. Curious terrapins come to light (9) (Anagram)

8. The best selection of Chinese literature (5)

9. One-time sleeveless garment? (7)

10. Total ingredients of concrete (9)

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