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Hello everyone,

Your favourite and only family magazine was started in December 2000. How was the first issue like ? You can read that issue by clicking on the link available in the Editor's section. The Newsletter has completed seven years and still going strong - stronger in fact. The first issue had 1 html file and 2 images. Almost every issue of the Newsletter in the recent past had about 20 html files and over 100 photographs/images. The number of contributors (that started with Prasad) has also gone up and the maximum number was for the memorial issue for Jaya Akka. But I am still not satisfied and hope 2008 will be better.

Earlier all the photos were given in this page itself. As a result, this page was taking time to load even with broadband connection. So I've given separate links wherever the photos are more in number.

There is a new addition to the contributors in Vanaja, my sister. She wrote for the last issue itself but her contribution was lost by the post office and never reached me. Her article My remniscences is about her experiences as a student, teacher and train traveller.. Kannan is back with The Chisel that sculpts our lives. He talks about 10 more Tirukkurals and how they are relevant to all of us. Talking of the power of Tirukkural, Crazy Mohan had written a dialogue in Apoorva Sagodarargal consoling the dwarf Appu by saying (Tirukkural is also only two lines). Radha has sent an article about Radhika's Dance Arangetram. It is published along with the photos taken by me during the function. I have completed the draft of my next book Romance of the Railways and have given it for printing. I'm now working on the CD-ROM which will accompany the book. I hope to release the book before my retirement which is on 28th January 2008. My article this month is the Prologue to the book which will give you a good idea about the book. Maybe it will tempt you to buy the book. I am reproducing Kausalya's article Laugh and be well about humour and humour therapy. This is from the FOLIO magazine published by THE HINDU dated March 12, 2000.

The section 'FROM THE NET' contains Development of a baby's brain, an article based on the cover story of TIME magazine. I hope that at least six persons (parents of the three new-born babies, Sriram, Shriya and Shubha) will read it. The other articles in this section are Mousetrap story, Thathuvams (in TAMIL, forwarded by Santhanam) and Vaikunta Ekadasi (in Tamil).

All the other usual features, viz. Memories are made of these, Important family events, Brain Teasers, Crossword Clues and Cryptoquip are there. Do not miss the comments and cartoons (in Tamil) at the bottom of this page.

Enjoy the Newsletter and do write about it. Have a great 2008.

MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THESE - This feature was first introduced in the issue dated August 2001. I am reprodcing the two photos published in that issue.

From the Newsletter for August 2001


Pass your mouse over this photo to see the photo of Ranganathan & Jayalakshmi (my in-laws) immediately after their wedding


Pass your mouse over this photo to see my in-laws' family in 1960 or so with Amritha's uncle (Seema mama).


*** November-December were eventful months for the family. The biggest news is the birth of a grand-daughter to us (daughter to Harish and Archana) on 12th November 2007. She has been named Shubha. I had already sent the first photos as well as those of Punyavachanam (naming ceremony) to readers of the Newsletter. The link is once again given here.

First photographs of Shubha

Punyavachanam photographs of Shubha

Harish and I were sure that Shubha would be born on 12th or 20th or later (as all of us have 2 in our dates of birth, I on 29th, Amritha on 24th, Harish on 12th, Archana on 22nd and Aarthi on 12th). But she waited till the 12th was almost ending and was delivered at 23.37 hrs. She weighed 2.97 kgs (6 lbs 9 oz) and her birth star is Kettai and star sign is Scorpio Click here to read aboutScorpios by Athena Starwoman. Archana and Shubha were discharged from hospital after 4 days. They spent about a month with Archana's parents and came to our house in Arumbakkam on 13th December 2007. Both as well as Harish (who is in Chennai as often as possible) are fine.

Some more photos of Shubha can be seen by clicking here or by clicking the link in Editor's Section.

*** There were two major events in Santhanam's family- Santhanam's Shashtiabdhapurthi (60th birthday) and Radhika's Bharatanatyam arangetram. Rahul came from Canada in November itself to attend both the functions. There is a detailed write-up about the latter by Radha with photos by me in the Relatives' Section. The report in (Daily Thanthi) of 19-12-2007 on the performance is here.

Click on each image to enlarge

Santhanam's Shashtiabdhapurthi was on 27th November 2007. He had taken up his new assignment in Hyderabad a few days earlier. Some photos of the Shashtiabdhapoorthi function can be seen by clicking here or by clicking the link in Editor's Section.

*** Jaya akka's (my mother-in-law) first Shrardham was performed by Kannan and Santhanam here and by Raghu in Sydney. On that occasion, Raghu performed Sudarshana Homam, some photos of which are here.

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** This seems to be the season of achievements by relatives. Our hearty congratulations to Vidya, Jagan and Radhika. Jagan received an award for his work in Karur district from the President of India and Vidya received Volunteer of the Year Award from the local MP. The photograph is enclosed.

*** Rukku, Madhu, Geetha and Aditya moved into their house in December 2007. Harish, Aarthi, Santhanam, Rahul and Radhika were some of the first visitors to the house. (Of course many relatives would have visited the house long back when Raghu was staying there till 1992 or so). Some photos of the house taken by Aarthi can be seen by clicking here or by clicking the link in Editor's Section.

*** Pushpa and her husband returned to India on 10th November 2007. Sriram (Shoba's son) is growing up well. Some more photographs of him are here.

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** Hema made sure that Amritha's birthday (on 24th November) was celebrated with cutting the cake and a visit to the temple. Two days later, Amritha and I went to Ernakulam. I had official work there. We also isited all the places of interest in and around Ernakulam. A few photos of the birthday as well as of our visit to Ernakulam can be seen by clicking here or by clicking the link in Editor's Section.

Mukund*** Shriya is also growing up well. Mukund has not sent any photos after the Punyavachanam. Prasad and Rupal were in India for a few days. Prasad was ble to visit Arumbakkam.

*** Mahesh's (our peon) son - Shantaram is also growing up well. Mahesh's wife and son have joined him in Chennai. Some photos taken when Mhesh (and Gopal, my previous peon who is Mahesh's brother-in-law) came to our house.

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** 2007 saw Aarthi starting her career and saw me completing 40 years of working (some people may say attending office) and 40 years after graduation. We, the 1967 batch of engineers from College of Engineering, Guindy had our get-together for two days on 22nd and 23rd December 2007. On the first day, we met in the college campus and the chief guest was the VC of Anna University. On the second day, we met in Alumni Club of Anna University and Randor Guy, a famous film historian (who was also the guest at the release of my last book) gave an interesting talk on the films of the 60s. On that evening, we had cocktails hosted by a classmate. Overall, it was nice. I met Jayaraman (who was my classmate from first standard till graduation), Kailasam, Kumar and Rajkumar (who were classmates from 6th to graduation). A few photos can be seen by clicking here or by clicking the link in Editor's Section.

We could not get tickets for Chennai Open and saw the matches only on TV. The semi-final between Moya and Nadal was, according to Harish, the second best match he ever saw (the first being Wimbledon final between Federer and Nadal). For the first time in many years, We did not see any film in the last two months. We could attend about 10 concerts (and three canteens) in the music season 2007 which just ended. We hope next year will be better. From 15th December, we are busy going to the temple from 6.00 AM to 7 AM for Dhanur masa poojai (Tiruppavai). Overall 2007 was a very good year for us. It looked as if it was yesterday when we saw off Harish and Archana on 28th December 2006 and the whole of 2007 has just passed in the blink of an eye. After good performances against England and Pakistan, India was expected to do reasonably well in Australia. Though they fared badly in Melbourne, they lost in Sydney since they were playing against 13 (including the umpires).

Bye till 29th February 2008.

31st December2007

THe First Issue of the Newsletter in December 2000

PROLOGUE to my book Romance of the Railways

Crossword Clues



Photos of Shubha, Santhanam's 60th birthday, Rukku's house and Reunion of Guindy 1967

My remniscences by Vanaja

The Chisel that sculpts our lives by Kannan (Narasimhan)

Radhika's Dance Arangetram BY Radha (photographs by Parthasarathy)

Laugh and be well by Kausalya

Development of a baby's brain

Mousetrap story

Thathuvams (in TAMIL, forwarded by Santhanam)

Vaikunta Ekadasi (in Tamil)

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Comment in a Tamil blogsite on the gas leak in Padi last month which caused a flutter all over north and central Chennai (including our area).

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