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Tirukkual has a great fascination for me, as it is a moral code necessary for the entire mankind. It provides guidance to the entire humanity. We have inherited the culture and civilisation of centuries through it If only we can grasp its full meaning and live up to its ideals, we will be leading a purposeful and meaningful life.

It is with this intention that I have selected a few Kurals that really matter in our inter-personal relationships. I am sure the readers will benefit through them.

Kural 35
Azhukkaru. avah, veguli , innacchol nangum
Izuhkka iyandrathu aram

Meaning: There can be no real virtue where any of these four evils of, envy, lust, wrath and harsh speech are present! What a way to lead a man to the path of virtue!

Kural 56
Thar kathu thar kondar peni thagai sandra
Sorkathu sorvilal penn

Meaning: A good wife will not spare herself in her triple duties of protecting herself,her husband and the fair name of the family. Having set to define an ideal wife, he tries to speak on a perfect man.

Kural 67
Thanthai magrku aatrum nandri
Avaiyathu munthi iruppach cheyal

Meaning: A father's first duty is to train his son or daughter to fit into a pre- eminent place in society. The stress is on education and culture.

Kural 68
Thammin tham makkal arivudamai
Manilathu manniyrkellam inithu.

Meaning: Progress from generation to generation is a natural and welcome development. Every one wants his son or daughter to do better than what he or she has done in life.It is their craving to see their children raise higher and higher and this when it happens gives them the utmot satisfaction!

Kural 70
Magan thanthaikatru udhavi ivan thanthai
Ennotran kol enum sol

Meaning: A son's duty to the father is to behave in such away that people who look on his exploits praise the father for his penance in siring such a son. This is equally applicable to the daughter!

Kural 382
Anjamai eekai, arivu, ookkam innangum
Enjamai vendarki yalbu

Meaning: Courage, generosity, knowledge and perseverance are four-fold traits natural to kings [or managers]. The leaders of men are expected to possess an outstanding measure of enthusiasm and perseverance to be able to pursue every project that they undertake.

Kural 386
Katchi Keliyen Katunchollan Allanel
Mikkurum Mannan Nilam

Meaning: People want easy access to their manager either for complaints or to report unfair harassment by the strong or with pleas to redress for their own crushing poverty. The manager or the king should listen to their grievances and do justice, be kind to them and attend to their welfare.

Kural 390
Kodai Ali Sengol Kudiombal nankum
Udayan am vendarkku oli

Meaning: The leader should be liberal, gracious in behavior, upright in imparting justice and show genuine concern for the protection and welfare of all the people under his control.

Kural 431
Serukkum sinamum Sirumaiyum illar
Perukkam permidham neerthu

Meaning: Freedom from arrogance, anger and meanness spells dignity in greatness. This Kural applies to managers in particular and all human beings in general.

Kural 444
Tammir periyar Tamara Ozhuguthal
Vanmaiyul Ellam Talai

Meaning: A leader, wise enough to have men of greater wisdom than he to advice him shall be a really powerful leader. This way acquires a strength before which all other characteristics pale. Kautilya, in his arthasasthra also underscores the need for a leader to cultivate friendship with elders and wise men. Such friends should not only advice him but admonish him as well, if need be.

I am sure that these few Kurals cited above will prove beneficial for readers who are not acquainted with Thirukkural.

December 2007

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