30TH APRIL 2008

There are ten clues, all from The Hindu of Today (Sunday, the 4th May, 2008). As usual, I am giving the solution with a brief explanation where necessary. Get cracking....

1. Closest amongst relatives are in cosy home (7)

2. Referred to a sensitive topic in The Raven; I fancy (3,1,5) (anagram)

3. Here's the very fellow to speak about Satan! (4,2,3,5)

4. Model that's changed inside very quickly (9)

5. Old-fashioned old man penning note(5)

6. Girl named names, partly (4)

7. Disreputable woman, user, slated terribly(10) (anagram)

8. Stroke is worried about onset of squall(6)

9. Active? Both Noel and I exercised(2,3,4) (anagram)

10. A western wood flooded with water (5)

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