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MAY - JUNE 2008


Hello everyone,

I had hoped in the last issue that 2008 would be better than 2007 for the Newsletter. But the year started badly as I could not bring out the first issue for the year due to various reasons. Anyway here we are with the 49th issue of the family Newsletter.

Prasad is the only contributor for this issue. But Prasad is like Rajinikant: his one article is worth 100. His piece India Visited and Revisited - A Reconsideration In Three Parts is on his trip to India in December 2007-January 2008 and is highly readable and original. I am reproducing Kausalya's article Sea of sorrow from THE HINDU dated March 2, 2006.

India is hooked on to IPL T20 Cricket and the most famous event of the tournament in April 2008 was the slapping of Sreesanth by Harbhajan Singh. The section 'FROM THE NET' contains Slap without tickle, an interesting article on this. Kannan (T.Nagar) had attended a programme in Vani Mahal where plants absorbed and reproduced the musical notes by instrumentalists and vocalists. He was wonder-struck by the programme. After hearing his description, I did some reading in the Net and the result is Damanhur, the temple of mankind which is the place where this research (and many others) are going on. The other articles in this section are Watch, The New Age dads and Lateral thinking.

Due to lack of time, I have not given Brain Teasers. All the other usual features, viz. Memories are made of these, Important family events, Crossword Clues and Cryptoquip are there.

Enjoy the Newsletter and do write about it.

MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THESE - As usual, this is the first item.


Pass your mouse over this photo to see the photo of Kannan (Adyar), Chooda and Chitra


Pass your mouse over this photo to see Amritha, Hema, Harish and I at Marina beach.


*** Vanaja and Vijaya Newsletter wishes speedy recovery and good health to Vanaja (my sister) and Vijaya (my sisier-in-law) who have come back home after hospitalisation.

*** I retired from regular work on 28th January 2008. My first job was in October 1967 when I joined Chemplast. I resigned that job on 30th June 1970 to join IRAS on 5th July 1970. After over 35 years in Railways (and BARC and KVIC), I joined Railway Claims Tribunal in December 2005 and retired from there on 28th January 2008. People keep asking me about retired life. Except for the fact that I don't leave the house at a regular hour, there isn't much change in my life. But Amritha's workload has gone up as Mahesh does not come. (However he comes on Saturdays and does a lot of work). My interests, viz., Computers, Crossword, Carnatic music and Reading (5 daily newspapers and one Tamil magazine every day) keep me busy. India's tour of Australia, South Africa's tour of India, Formula-I, a lot of tennis tournaments and now IPL have also kept me busy. And there were also some very good music programmes in Asianet and AmritaTV (both are Malayalam channels). In any case, pure joblessness was for only about a month. Even in that period, we went to Bangalore with Harish, Archana and Shubha. From 1st March 2008, I have been given a 9-month assignment by the Railway Board. Indian Railways has a number of codes and manuals to regulate the working of its various departments. I am a member of a 3-member committee to revise the Code for the Mechanical department. We meet 3 or 4 times a month. I also went to Bangalore for this purpose. So I shall write about retired life after 30th November.

*** Sudarshan was prompt in executing the order for 1000 copies of my third book Romance of the Railways. But the programmer who is making the CD-ROM in Flash has been having problems. I released the book by placing it in the Sannidhi of Satya Varadaraja Perumal, Arumbakkam on 12th April 2008. I am hoping that the CD would be ready by 15th May. I am not planning a formal release as I have not factored in the cost of release while pricing the book at Rs. 150/- per copy (with CD-ROM). All readers of this Newsletter will get a 10% discount and can buy the book from the publisher (Mrs. Amritha Parthasarathy) by paying Rs. 135/-.

*** It is fascinating to watch the growth of a baby. Shubha has been a bundle of joy for all of us. She spent over 4 months in our place and is now in Bangalore. I have uploaded over 150 photos of Shubha which are organised monthwise. You can access them by either clicking on the following link or by clicking in the link in Editor's Section.

Photographs of Shubha

*** Archana was in Bangalore for the first Pongal after marriage. So 2008 was her first Kanu celebration in our house. Photos of the pidi kept by her and Amritha on 16th January 2008 are here.

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** Aarthi did not like her work in Pantaloons. So she quit the job in March 2008 and has joined Rajiv Menon Productions in Chennai on 1st April. She is enjoying her job, which is hectic.

*** The sons and daughters of Jayalakshmi and Ranganathan (Amritha and her siblings) have formed a charitable and educational Trust called Jayalakshmi Ranganathan Trust with the aim of providing educational, medical and social care of poor and needy persons. The initial contribtion has been made by all the siblings. The Trustees are Kannan (T.Nagar - Chairman), Kannan (Adyar - Vice-chairman), Pushpa (Secretary), Amritha (Treasurer) and Radhika (Joint secretary). They had their first meeting on 11th April after the Srardham of Mr.Ranganathan.

*** Shobha, Anand and Sriram were in India in January-February 2008. There was a get-together in Pushpa's place with lunch and games. Some photos of the get-together can be seen by clicking here or by clicking the link in Editor's Section. Some more photographs of him are here.

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** Raghu, the globe-trotter visited a number of countries including USA. We are looking forward to his visit to India. Vidya and Nitya presented a music concert which was very much appreciated.

***Aditya continues to excel in sports. He won medals in an international Karate competition held in Sri Lanka recently.

*** We understand that Shriya is also growing up well. Mukund has not sent any photos after the Punyavachanam. But we should be abe to see her in India in a few months.

*** We did not see any film after Anjathey (which was in January and was so-so) and have not been to any concert for over 3 months.

Bye till 30th June 2008.

30th April 2008

The second Issue of the Newsletter in January 2001

Crossword Clues


Photos of Shubha and Get-together in Pushpa's house

India Visited and Revisited - A Reconsideration In Three Parts by Prasad

Sea of sorrow by Kausalya

Slap without tickle

Damanhur, the temple of mankind

The New Age dads


Lateral thinking

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