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Vanaja, Vijaya, Raghu and I have decided to celebrate the Birth Centenary of our father - C.Srinivasan - which falls on 14th November 2008. We propose to bring out a Souvenir containing photos, articles and anecdotes about him as well as our mother. We request all readers to write about them and send to my email address ( You can also send them to Urmila or Radha. The photos wil be scanned and returned. Please help us to make a success of the celebrations.There will also be a get-together for which invitations will be sent in due course.

Hello everyone,

The last few months have been hectic for us and I could not bring out the issue for June 2008. Anyway I am happy to announce the 50th issue of the family Newsletter. This edition has about 290 photographs and took me the maximum time so far in publishing (even more than the one containing the Wedding photos of Harish & Archana).

Prasad and Radha have contribued articles for this issue and photos have come from Raghu, Nitya, Mukund, Shoba and Geetha. Prasad's piece Lessons to a Younger Self - Bumper-sticker Advice on Money, Time, Passion and Love is highly readable and original. I am sure that his piece will bring memories of Jaya kka, Deepu and Sriram and bring tears to your eyes as it did to mine. Radha's piece Misnamed List (in Tamil and English) is a compilation of interesting puns on many names. I am reproducing Kausalya's article The old, the new and the whacky from THE HINDU dated June 23, 2008.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have all the luck. A psychologist (aptly named Wiseman) says he has discovered the answer. The section 'FROM THE NET' contains Why Some People Have All the Luck , by Professor Richard Wiseman on this topic. The other articles in this section are Strange Properties of Water and Olympic Quotes. The fourth piece in this section JOBS THAT MUSHARRAF CAN NOW TAKE UP contains a few photos of Musharraf engaged in jobs that he can now take up.

Due to lack of time, I have not given Brain Teasers. However there is an Easy and a Medium Sudoku at the bottom of this page. All the other usual features, viz. Memories are made of these, Important family events, Crossword Clues and Cryptoquip are there.

Enjoy the Newsletter and do write about it.

MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THESE - As usual, this is the first item.


Pass your mouse over this photo to see the photo of Harish in 1976 at his Ayushhomam in Chittaranjan


Pass your mouse over this photo to see my aunt and uncle (athai and athimber) who are parents of Adyar Kannan.


*** Kausalya & Amritha Newsletter wishes speedy recovery and good health to Kausalya and Amritha who are having acute foot problems and are taking treatment.

*** The biggest news for us was the transfer of Harish to California for an year. The transfer was first known in March 2008 when Passports for all were obtained. After the Visa interview in May, it was thought Harish might leave India in June 2008. Fortunately we could spend more time with Shubha There was a hectic time before their departure as Harish had to vacate his house in Bangalore and move his things to Chennai (mostly in his in-laws' place and a few items in our house). Since the transfer was for an year and Shubha is only 8 months old, a lot of shopping and visiting had to be done. Harish and Archana hosted a farewell party in Hotel Matsya in T.Nagar on 27th July. The photographs of this get-together are available elsewhere in this edition. Harish, Archana and Shubha left Chennai in the early hours of 30th July 2008. They spent the first two weeks in a Hotel (with kitchen facility) and have now moved to a flat in San Jose. Thanks to Skype, we are able to talk to Harish, Archana And Shubha and see them every day. They have now settled down. You can see Skype in action, the hotel where they stayed, the flat they now stay in and Harish's car in these photos.

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** As I said in the last issue, it is fascinating to watch the growth of a baby. Shubha spent nearly 6 months in our place. I have uploaded a large number of photos of Shubha which are organised monthwise. There are also photos of her in USA which Harish has sent. You can access them by clicking on the link in Editor's Section.

*** Aarthi is enjoying her work with Rajiv Menon Productions and her work is hectic. She has taken a few days off to go on a trek with her friends. She is now in Dharamshala and will return to Chennai on 14th September after visiting Kulu-Manali and Shimla.

*** Srinidhi (Radha's daughter) has wide interests and has been participating in dance, painting and sloka competitions regularly. Here are a few photographs of her dance.

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** Shriram (my brother, Raghu's son) has moved from Trichy to Crescent Engineering College in Tambaram, Chennai. He has taken up residence in Selaiyur (I told his wife Sowmya that she cannot wear salwar-kameez anymore) and Srivaishnavi is going to a school nearby. Sriram has been doing good work on Tamil SMS and has been to Malaysia two mnths back for presentation of his projec. He is currently in Malaysia as his project has been short-listed for approval. Newsletter congratulates and wishes him all the best in his new assignment.

*** Prasad has taken a very important step of his life by deciding to quit his job with UAL in Chicago. In Prasad's own words,' With Rupal also not working, it seemed like the right time to join her. The plan is to take a few months and wind things down here in Chicago. Once that is done, we'd both like to spend some time in India. We are also looking forward to traveling at a much slower pace.' We are sure that Prasad will not be idle and the Newsletter wishes Prasad happiness in his new life.

*** Mukund, Prema, Keshav and Shriya are now in India. They celebrated the Ayushhomam of Shriya on 27th August and the Birthday on 7th September. You can see the photos of both the functions elsewhere in this Newsletter. We wish Shriya a long, happy and healthy life.

*** The Newsleter congratulates Jagan on his receiving an Award from the President of India for the excllent performance of his district in providing assistance to the disabled.

*** I had mentioned in an earlier issue that Kannan and Rukku had exchanged their houses in Bangalore and Chennai. Rukku, Madhu and Geetha have got the Bangalore house remodelled and celebrated the Grihapravesam on 18th August 2008. We had all gone for the function. Amritha, Hema and I went earlier to Mysore to visit places in Mysore as well as Melkote, which is an important Vaishnava centre. Photographs of the Grihapravesam as well as our trip to Mysore and Melkote are available elsewhere in this edition. An interesting conversation took place between me and Madhu (in Tamil) which I am reproducing here.

*** I mentioned in the last issue that Aditya had been to Sri Lanka for a Karate competiion. Here are some photos of that.

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** Pushpa and her husband are now in USA to assist Shoba and to be with Sriram. They left on 3rd September and will be back in March 2009. Sriram's Ayushhomam was celebrated on 18th May and Birthday on 29th May. We wish Sriram a long, happy and healthy life. I am sure all the readers would have seen the photos of the functions for which the link was sent by Shoba. Some latest photographs of Sriram are here.

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** Rahul has joined his new job in University of Edinburgh. Newsletter wishes him all the very best in his new career. Santhanam, Kausalya and Radhika will visit him next month after spending a few days in Egypt.

*** Raghu, the globe-trotter visited India along with Chandra. However their stay in Chennai was short as they went on a tour of Delhi, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Jaipur and Agra. They have since returned to Sydney. Some photographs of their tour are available elsewhere in this edition.

*** Nitya celebrated her 21st Birthday in July. Newsletter wishes her a long, happy and healthy life. Photographs of the party (which could not be attended by her parents as they were in India) are available elsewhere in this edition.

*** We saw Kuselan which is an average movie. My assignment is going on smoothly. But I find that I need more than 24 hours in a day. The five newspapers, five crosswords, four Sudokus, five Tamil weeklies, 3 Tamil monthlies, 1 Tamil fortnightly and four English weeklies leave me very little time for other activities. In addition there are periodical tennis, cricket and F-1 Motor Racing to watch.

Bye till 31st October 2008.

31st August 2008

THe second Issue of the Newsletter in January 2001

Crossword Clues


Photos of Shubha from birth till August 2008

Photos of Harish's Farewell Party

Photos of Shriya's Ayushhomam and Birthday

Photos of Grihapravesam in Bangalore

Photos of our trip to Mysore and Melkote

Photos of Raghu & Chandra's tours in India

Photos of Nitya's 21st Birthday

Lessons to a Younger Self - Bumper-sticker Advice on Money, Time, Passion and Love by Prasad

Misnamed List by Radha

The old, the new and the whacky by Kausalya

Why Some People Have All the Luck

Olympic Quotes

Strange Properties of water

Jobs that Musharraf can now take up

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