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Hello everyone,

Your favourite Family magazine is back. I am happy to announce the 52nd issue of the family Newsletter which was started during our stay with Harish, Archana and Shubha in San Jose, USA and has been published after our return to Chennai.

Like the last issue, we start with a cricket teaser. What has been the maximum number of runs that have been scored off a single delivery in a Test match and in an ODI?

In this issue, there are four contributors from the family - Prasad, Kannan (Narasimhan), Kausalya and I. After educating us about Tiruvalluvar, Kannan has turned to another great Tamil poet Kamban. Unfortunately for us, his original article got deleted in his computer by mistake and we have only a short piece rewritten by him. His article Ethical grandeur of Kamban is interesting and we look forward to knowing more from the author about Kambar as well as Ilango Adigal. I won't be surprised if Prasad has seen all the countries of the world as he is the only person I know who has seen all the states of USA. His article, Quick Impressions From An Alaska Cruise is as always interesting, highly readable and educative. I am reproducing Kausalya's article Seaside Sojourn about her visit to Cramond in Scotland published in THE HINDU dated January 12, 2009. My article for this month is Alphabetical tour of USA - I which covers my trip to USA in the last 75 days. The second and concluding part of this article will appear in the next issue.

Is it possible to combine all the photos in an album into one photo? Technology developed by NASA and Carnegie Mellon University makes this possible. The section 'FROM THE NET' contains Mars Technology Helps Create Inauguration Mega-picture has the link to a photo of President Obama's inauguration which has combined 220 photos and many in the 2 million-strong crowd can be clearly identified. Do see this photo and you can move your mouse to see people far into the crowd.The other articles in this section are What are you worth? The way to a happy and carefree life and Kitchen cabinet - Ladle Politics In The White House and The beautiful symmetry of mathematics.

All the other usual features, viz. Memories are made of these, Important family events, Brain Teasers, Crossword Clues and Cryptoquip are there.

Enjoy the Newsletter and do write about it.


This is a photo of my athai and athimber with their eldest 4 children. I think the boy sitting on the floor is Kannan (of Adyar) who is now 72 years and the baby on the lap is Vijaya (my sister-in-law). The other two girls are Jayam and Malathy.
My father-in-law and my chithappa are on the left and Kannan is in the centre. My cousins, Varadan, Raman and (late) Murali can also be seen.


*** When I left on 20th December 2008 on my first trip to USA, I was wondering how I would spend the time. But time has just flown. Amritha and I came back to Chennai on 5th March 2009. It is facinating to watch a baby growing and the first two years is perhaps the most interesting period. Apart from Shubha who kept us quite busy, we visited places, went to library, read, watched films/TV, solved Sudokus, surfed the Net, played computer games, did shopping, ate out and so on. You can read my impressions in my article, the link to which is available in the Editor's section. You can also view over 250 photos of our visits within USA in the last two months. Here are 3 photos of Shubha taken during our stay in San Jose.

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** Aarthi had to spend 75 days alone. She went to Bangalore and Kolkata in this period and was busy with her work on other days.

*** Readers will be happy to know that Arun (my sister Vanaja's grandson - Urmila's son) is getting married this year. The girl is Ajeeta,born and brought up in Delhi.She did her M B A with Arun in Ahmedabad.

*** Radha has moved to the flat adjacent to Urmila which makes it very convenient for my sister.

*** Prasad is expected to come back to India soon. He and Rupal were in Australia in December with Raghu and his family. Some photos of their trip to Uluru can be seen below.

Click on each photo to enlarge

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** Jagan has occupied quarters in Chennai near our house. The house is very good, it seems.

*** Chooda will be visiting Singapore for a few days from 10th March. She wil be accompanied by Chitra.

*** Ramesh and Sunandini occupied their new house (opposite their present house) recently.

*** Rukku, Madhu, Geetha and Aditya have moved to the first floor of their house in Bangalore after the construction of the first and second floors were completed..

*** Pushpa and her husband reached Chennai on 3rd March. They, like us, must be feeling regret at having to leave their grandson. Some photos of Sriram taken recently are here.

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** Rahul visited India for a month in December/January and has since returned to Edinburgh.

*** Chandra was in India to attend to her mother who had to undergo a major operation and returned to Sydney on 5th March.

The next issue will be published on 30th April 2009. Bye.


28th February 2009

Alphabetical tour of USA - I

Photos of our trips in USA - Volume I (Places in San Jose)

Photos of our trips in USA - Volume II (Places within 100 miles of San Jose)

Photos of our trips in USA - Volume III (Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Hoover dam)

Photos of our trips in USA - Volume IV (Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory, Universal Studios and Seaworld, San Diego)

Photos of our trips in USA - Volume V (Lake Tahoe)

Brain Teasers

Crossword Clues


The ethical grandeur of Kamban by Kannan (Narasimhan)

Quick Impressions From An Alaska Cruise by Prasad

Seaside Sojourn by Kausalya

Mars Technology Helps Create Mega-pictures

What are you worth?

The way to a happy and carefree life

Kitchen cabinet - Ladle Politics In The White House

The beautiful symmetry of mathematics

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