Amma plays Statue

In her formative years, AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa must have been very good at the game called ‘Statue’. The game’s quite simple. One person says ‘statue’ to another person who immediately stays absolutely still until asked to return to normal. In Guddi, one of the first films Jaya Bhaduri acted in before she became Mrs Bachchan, all the characters keep saying “statue” to each other. Jayalalithaa did not play ‘Statue’ in the movies she acted in. However, in real life, Jayalalithaa appears to be playing the game almost every day. Her Jaya TV shows Amma speaking in one TN Lok Sabha constituency after the other and exhorting the masses to do the right thing and vote for her party even while a few feet away from her on the dais is someone standing absolutely still with hands folded in a namaste. The only time the person shows any sign of animation is when the Puratchi Thalaivi (Tamil for revolutionary woman leader) introduces her or him as the party candidate. Whereupon the person breaks into a smile while offering an even more pronounced Namaste. As the poet said, “They also serve who only stand and wait”!

(From Economic Times dated 5th May 2009))

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